Club President Matt Cosgrave has announced that Michael Fitzgerald has assumed the role of OXFC General Manager.

‘With the departure of our previous GM, we saw an opportunity to spread an ever-increasing workload. Marcus Allan began work as our first Football Operations Manager in early October, and we appointed Michael Fitzgerald to the GM role in November’, the President said.

‘With Fitzy, training wheels are not required. He understands our club’s ethos, is more familiar with our history than most, and is respected by sponsors, members and players alike.

He is already familiar with many of the club’s processes and procedures, and having worked at the VAFA, understands very well the landscape there too.

‘He’s entirely committed to the success of Old Xaverians, has been a long-term committeeman and a great innovator in several areas.

Fitzgerald's connection with the Old Xaverians goes back to 2000, when he was invited to the club by the late Mick Rush. He has never been far from the club’s inner sanctum since and was awarded the William Denton Senior Perpetual Trophy for Conspicuous Service in 2007.

‘We see the roles of General Manager and Football Operations Manager as complementary, and we are very happy to have Cuz and Fitzy working together as our club develops new strategies for improvement and success’, Cosgrave said.

Fitzgerald has a background in politics, government and sports. He served several federal and state government ministers, as well as businesses and industry associations in the areas of campaigns, policy, media and communications.