Brindisi Street has been a hunting ground not as happy as some for the Red 'n' Blacks, but a fast start can erase some bad memories. This was the case Saturday as Old Xavs established an almost immediate superiority, booting seven goals and dominating to the extent that eleven of the St Bede's Mentone Tigers had one disposal or fewer for the first term. 

The second term was a more even affair, though the difference in class between the two teams remained evident. The Brindisians worked hard and drew some reward, but the Xaverians were more polished and economical and won the second quarter too.

The Red 'n' Blacks went to the sheds leading by 32 points, with Matt Handley the main beneficiary of quick and precise ball movement.  The big blond booted four in the first half, but it was the defence and rebound of Nick Wynne, Dan Noonan, Tim Golds and Tim Dynon that really frustrated the Tigers.

Denis Symeopoulos found the taller uprights twice, while James Midgley, Hayden Troiani, Cauley Beetham, Matt Margin and Murphy Ambrose also drew twin calicos. Seven goalscorers before the half was an excellent sign for the Claret an Stout.

Third quarter goals to Campbell Lane and Chris Waller, the latter seeing senior action in red and black for the first time in two seasons, saw the lemon-time at 43 points. SBMT kept pushing, but could do little to penetrate the Xavs' defence after the opening minute of the term.

The final term saw the Xavs put the foot down again. With quick goals to Troiani, Handley and Clay Johnston, the margin blew out to 62 points. Again the Tigers upped the ante and cut the deficit. Chris Margin headed to the rooms after a head clash and coach James McDonald shuffled the lineup to accommodate the loss by pushing Tim Dynon forward. Brendan Goss kicked his first of the afternoon and then the retiring defender missed from 25 metres, much to the crowd's disappointment.

Minutes later, the left-footer made light of a tougher shot when he put one right over the goal umpire's hat. And that was all for the afternoon and for Tim Dynon's career. The Xavs will celebrate his achievements tonight, but tomorrow, will regroup and recalibrate in order to prepare for Old Trinity next week.


St Bedes / Mentone Tigers 1.4-10      5.8-38    5.12-42     9.19-73

Old Xaverians                      7.4-46     11.4-70    13.9-87    18.13-121

Goal Kickers: M. Handley 5, H. Troiani 2, D. Symeopoulos 2, T. Dynon, J. Midgley , C. Johnston, M. Ambrose, C. Beetham, C. Lane, C. Waller, M. Margin, B. Goss
Best Players: N. Wynne, C. Johnston, C. Lane, D. Noonan, B. Kennedy, T. Golds