Adam MacIsaac and Matt Perrett both had Michelles as Pat Allan's boys rolled over the Snow dogs at the Snakepit.

The !9 Ressies are in top for. Yesterday, it was the turn of James Skene, Harry Willems and Paddy bourke to shine, as the Red 'n' Blacks slipped away to an early advantage and kept the dogs on the leash all afternoon.

St Bernards        1.2-8    3.4-22    7.10-52     9.12-66
Old Xaverians    2.1-13    8.5-53    12.7-79    17.9-111

Goal Kickers: A. MacIsaac 5, M. Perrett 5, J. Catania 3, C. Niall 2, A. Eden-Lachowicz, C. Goessler
Best Players: J. Skene, H. Willems, P. Bourke, A. MacIsaac, M. Perrett