The Crocodiles dominated the contest with West Brunswick, running out 99 point winners at Wick #2 this afternoon.

Best-on-ground Simon O'Brien booted four, while Hulk Healey kicked double that number to go to the top of the Section's goalkicking list.

The Crocs remain in second position, behind the Hawthorn Spartans on percentage.

Old Xaverians       4.1-25    9.10-64    13.15-93    20.20-140
West Brunswick    2.1-13    3.1-19           5.3-33      6.5-41

Goal Kickers: H. Healey 8, S. O'Brien 4, H. Lachal 2, J. Meehan, J. Silk, D. Landrigan, J. Norman, A. Keyhoe, H. Nidam
Best Players: S. O'Brien, H. Nidam, O. Keogh, H. Healey, H. Lachal, D. Ryan