The Crocs stayed unbeaten with a 23 point win over Chadstone at Jordan Reserve.

Harry Healey, Bryce Pane and Matt Romanin each did the hat-trick as the Reptiles overcame a quarter time deficit to grab the points.

Jack Silk and Simon O'Brien showed plenty of class as the Crocs warmed up, with a strong second half.

"A win is a win, " coach Ciaran Nolan said. "Four more points in the bag".

Chadstone AFC    2.3-15    6.4-40    8.5-53    12.8-80
Old Xaverians          1.2-8    6.5-41    11.7-73    15.13-103

Goal Kickers: H. Healey 3, M. Romanin 3, B. Pane 3, H. Lachal 3, J. Smith, S. O''Brien, J. Silk
Best Players: J. Silk, S. O''Brien, T. Silk, H. Nidam, B. Pane, D. Hyne