The Green Hose slapped Therry Penola at JP Fawkner Reserve yesterday. Fired by five goals from Harry Healey and Matt Skidmore and a BOG performance from star midfielder Al Wood, the Crocs piled it on in the first three quarters before tailing off in the final term.

Therry Penola    1.2-8          2.4-16       2.5-17       5.8-38
Old Xaverians    8.3-51    16.8-104    25.11-161    27.15-177

Goal Kickers: M. Skidmore 5, H. Healey 5, O. Silk 4, T. Lyon 2, L. Bosnar 2, A. Prowse 2, K. Lunardi, H. Nidam, J. Silk, M. McLean, H. Kelly, J. Meehan, J. McCarthy
Best Players: A. Wood, M. Skidmore, D. Ryan, H. Nidam, M. McLean, J. Meehan