The Green Hose split the points for the second time this season, while South Mornington, playing at beautiful Citation Oval, and looking to hold on to fourth spot, drew for the third time this year.

Seven individual goalscorers and some straighter shooting served the Diles well, though surrendering two premiership points was not the way to cap off the long road trip. Tonza Keyhoe was in career best form, while real estate mogul Andrew Leoncelli returned. David Landrigan will need a big fortnight to wrest back the lead in the sharpshooter's table, though the Crocs are eyeing team success in the finals rather than individual glories.

South Mornington     2.1-13      2.3-15     4.7-31     6.10-46

Old Xaverians           3.0-18     4.1-25      6.2-38     7.4-46

Goal Kickers: R. Gallagher, A. Leoncelli, M. Walsh, S. Adams, H. Healey, M. McLean, D. Landrigan
Best Players: A. Keyhoe, M. Walsh, M. McLean, R. Gallagher, R. Follacchio, J. Donohoe