OXFC Presidents 24 and 25

OXFC Presidents 24 and 25

Matthew Cosgrave tonight assumed the chair at the top of the red and black boardroom table, becoming the 25th President of the Old Xaverians Football Club. 

Cosgrave arrived at the Old Xavs in 2008 after finishing at Xavier College the previous year. His first season with the U19s proved to be the end of a bright football career, as he was cruelly curt down by injury.

Cosgrave joined the committee in October that year, with a focus on re-shaping the U19 program, and has had a chair at the table ever since. He has served as Vice President under the club's most two recent Presidents, Bill Denton and Simon Hunt.

Matt is also the most recent premiership captain of the Old Xaverians Cricket Club and was awarded the William Denton Senior Perpetual Trophy for Outstanding Service in 2015.

"I've been so lucky to make a small contribution behind the scenes, and to have that repaid ten or twenty-fold. I have seen some brilliant players in red and black over a decade. 

"There are plenty of them, but it's hard to go past Chopper Handley, who has been the great man of the forward line for more than a decade and just keeps on keeping on, and Nick Wynne, who is without peer as a big-time, big-moment player. 

"It's probably no coincidence that my favourite flags, among many, many good ones, were 2009 and 2016. Wynney saved both games with sterling last quarter efforts and aerial dominance."

Cosgrave was elected to the position unopposed, and will be backed by a strong general committee that comprises:

  • Matt Hannebery (Vice-President)
  • Murray Browne (Director of Football)
  • Damian Berry
  • Shane Healy
  • Grace Knox
  • Paul Lefebvre
  • Ziggy Liswzukiewicz
  • Tom Maule
  • Chris Meehan
  • James Meehan (Treasurer)
  • Chris Ralph
  • Nick Serafini
  • Caroline Silk

The recently re-contracted and soon-to-be-married Peter Simpson is on board again as General Manager.

A nervous new President waits to say his first words as Leader while the cool GM pushes on through a crowded agenda.

A nervous new President waits to say his first words as Leader while the cool GM pushes on through a crowded agenda.

The now-immediate past President Bill Denton said that Cosgrave has the ability and dedication to keep the club moving forward. He paid tribute to all those who had helped him in his tenure in the top role.

In turn, the new man thanked Bill Denton and the previous office-bearers for three years of success at football and on the balance sheets. Despite Cosgrave's tender years, he points out that Robert Ralph was five years younger when he took the reins.