After looking certain winners at half-time, the Old Xaverians had to push every inch of the way home to score the four premiership points against Old Melburnians.

The Dark Blues came to life in the third term, adding seven goals to put Xavs back on their heels, but the Red 'n' Blacks did enough late in the game to eke out the win.

Luke Bisset and Tyler Scarce were prominent in the midfield with their speed, while Charlie Kennedy took some timely grabs up forward.

Old Xaverians        1.6-12     4.9-33     4.12-36    7.13-55

Old Melburnians   2.0-12      2.2-14     7.3-45     8.6-54

Goal Kickers: M. Parker 2, C. Kennedy, J. Forrest, L. Bisset, T. Beaton, T. Scarce
Best Players: L. Bisset, T. Scarce, B. Plant, H. Morris, L. Barry, C. Kennedy