Old Xaverians Red pile it on against St Bernards, with Ed Watkin kicking six in a BOG performance.

After an inaccurate first term, which gave the Snowdogs a sniff of a contest, the Reds kicked nine goals in the second term, and continued this form in the second half with six in each quarter.

We have not yet completed the first third of the year, but it is evident that the Reds, and their fellow Xaverians, the Menages, are the class of this competition. 

Old Xaverians Red    2.7-19    11.12-78    17.17-119    23.22-160
St Bernard's                 1.3-9    2.4-16        3.4-22         3.7-25

Goal Kickers: E. Watkin 6, J. Whitehead 4, T. Giliberto 3, H. Reed 2, P. Nunan, B. Curtis, W. Veljkovic, D. O''Loughlin, J. Bueno, A. Amato, S. Knox, T. Lyon
Best Players: E. Watkin, J. Bueno, H. Reed, B. Curtis, P. Nunan, S. Knox