The 23s had a tight game against Uni Blacks, but got there to record their sixth win of the year and maintain top spot on the ladder.

Super-coach Shane Healy commented:

The OX Reds travelled to the tricky Crawford Oval on Saturday morning for an early morning battle with the competitive Uni Blacks.

Our boys were excellent in their win over the Menages, but with a different side in, and an early start, there was clearly not the same fire in the belly.

This was always going to be a difficult task.

While we had the better of the first half, we left our Straddie accuracy back in East Kew, and our kicking for goal was quite forgettable. The Blacks, on the other hand, had a very direct path to goal and kept with us even though they had many less chances.

We showed signs of the week before with some slick and impressive ball movement but unlike the previous week, only now and again.

The second half (apart from the last few minutes, where we conceded three soft goals) was much better.

Captain Fletch began dominating the clearances and with Berry on top in the ruck, we began to pile on the goals. Samartzis, Bueno and DeLutis were making the most of our dominance in possession and Cleeve and Kelly were strong up forward supported by an improving Ange Amato.

Nash, Wilson and Nunan were all contributing strongly and Lowe and Fantasia had things nice and tight in defence.

This was a well-earned win that should’ve been by five goals-plus, but for our lack of concentration late in the match.

We are hoping Jack Buffon recovers from a broken nose. Well done to Weapon and Joey for holding fort while I looked after the XC 9A’s.

It’s back to the Crawford Oval again this week, though at a civilised hour. The Blues tossed us at Straddie – it's time to put that right !!!

University Blacks       1.1-7      3.1-19    4.2-26    8.4-52

Old Xaverians Red 2.4-16    3.9-27    7.12-54   8.13-61

Goal Kickers: H. Kelly 3, B. Dalbosco 2, S. Cleeve 2, A. Amato
Best Players: F. Nugent, S. Cleeve, J. Delutis, J. Samartzis, D. Nash, M. Lowe