Ed Watkin booted seven in a BOG effort as Healy's Heroes rumbled to an 81 point victory over Uni Blacks at Crawford Oval yesterday.

The Reds dominated the second and third terms, booting 13.3 to 1.3 between the shorter breaks, and maintained a break of two games plus percentage over third-placed SKOB Gold.

University Blacks        1.0-6    2.2-14       2.3-15     5.4-34
Old Xaverians Red    2.2-14    8.5-53    15.5-95    18.7-115

Goal Kickers: E. Watkin 7, M. Stanley 3, T. Ingham 2, C. Bishop, L. Jorgensen, A. Bielinski, P. Nunan, H. Reed, C. Wilson
Best Players: E. Watkin, J. Bueno, C. Wilson, M. Stanley, H. Reed, J. Norman