The enigmatic Harry Kelly booted five in a strong performance, ensuring the Reds got home over OMs. 

Ed Watkin booted three, while Nick Pirrie proved a strength all day. The U23s are two games clear in second, and just a game behind their stablemates.

Old Xaverians Red    4.2-26    9.4-58    12.6-78    13.12-90
Old Melburnians          3.1-19    6.2-38    8.7-55       9.11-65
Goal Kickers: H. Kelly 5, E. Watkin 3, L. Jorgensen 2, N. Pirrie 2, A. Amato
Best Players: N. Pirrie, H. Kelly, C. Wilson, E. Watkin, P. Nunan, M. Ongarato