He has been a fixture in red and black for a decade, almost exclusively in defence. Only once, in 2013, has his season tally dropped below 18 games, but he still managed a senior premiership that year.

On Saturday, deep in enemy territory, Tim Dynon will play his 217th and final game for the Xavs. He of the sweeping handpass and booming left foot will do his best to silence yet another opponent, then he will hand back the number 19 guernsey with which he has become synonymous, and head overseas.



The sound you are hearing is the huge sigh of relief from forwards all across the VAFA's Premier Section. Standing 183 cm and weighing in at 83 kg, Dynon has played on them all, talls and smalls, and beaten most of them, most of the time. Never a fan of the interchange rule, much less the interchange bench, Tim would often remind the fans that most, if not all, of his opponent's goals came while he was being rested.

He made his senior debut in June 2008, part of a team that beat Collegians on the Trott. He played in premierships in 2009, 2010, 2013 and 2016. He counts those as his highlights.

I'd have to nominate the flags. Playing in a premiership with your mates is the ultimate for an amateur footballer. Playing with good people, for great coaches and for a club for which so many have worked so hard and for so long to be and stay successful has been my great fortune.

Dynon took over the number 19 from David "Nordberg" Walsh.

It was presented to me by a bloke who played 275 games for our club and he just said 'respect it! Apart from cutting the sleeves off, I have. I'd like to think that the next player who wears the jumper will give it a good run too.

We asked him about the best he has played with. As a backman, he names only fellow defenders among the best he's played with.

Nick Wynne, Andy Biddlecombe, Nick Serafini, Josh Anderson, Dan Noonan, Marc Johnston, Andy Bowen, Nick Di Mattina and Brad Rogerson are just some I can count as premiership teammates. When I look at the talent I've played alongside, I wonder sometimes how I ever got picked.

How Dynon was picked is no puzzle to Simon Lethlean, the coach who awarded him his first senior game in 2008: Mr Reliable. A coach always loves a dependable back man, that you know will be there week in, week out doing his role and doing it well. Dyno has been resilient, dependable and the ultimate team man. Such a good player. And such a good bloke. He has played on the most talented of forwards - taller and shorter and equipped himself brilliantly. And he has done so in big games and in big finals where his ability and output has had huge impact on the success of the club, which is a great credit to him. Dyno will be missed by all. He has had a huge career and should be celebrated appropriately this weekend. 

Former OXFC President Simon Hunt has seen a lot of Tim Dynon throughout the years.

Dedicated, selfless, team-first and passionate for Our Club.

Tim worked his butt of to get into the seniors after a year in the Unders and some time in the Reserves. Simon Lethlean gave him the opportunity as the lock down defender and he played this role unbelievably well for four senior A grade/Premier flags in 09/10/13 and 16. Dyno excelled in big games, especially in finals.

I don’t think many people know how hard Tim worked during the week to keep himself in the best possible shape - boxing, boot camps, weights, running to work – he prided himself on preparing to perform at the highest possible level.

His best mate Michael Darvell said to me recently that Dyno's famous line pre games is/was ‘let’s take care of 2pm, as we know 2am will take care of itself’ referring to his unbelievable ability to go until all hours.

We have all loved his leadership both on-field and off and we always knew that he was committed 100%.

Thanks Dyno for your friendship and your incredibly successful career at the Old Xavs!

So long, Shovel! Bon voyage and bon chance. You have earned the respect of opponents and teammates alike, as well as that of a massive following that has enormous expectations and sometimes can be difficult to please. You will hang 'em up as a true Old Xavs great. 

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Tim Dynon waves goodbye to the Old Scotch supporters in R18 of 2015.