QUICK HANDS: Robbie Ralph

QH: Talk to us about how you know Eugenie Bouchard?

RR: We both like women's tennis, so we played with each other one night. Good player!

QH: You are a good looking rooster - why have you never had a girlfriend?

RR: I've had girlfriends, but I can never hang on to them for more than 2-3 nights.  In some cases, 2-3 minutes.

QH: Your betting app usage spikes in your unused TV room over the weekend, true or false?

RR: That could be true yes. After-all, someone has to pay for the footy trip.  

QH: How did you get the nickname "Extras"?

RR: Not one of the better nicknames I’ve had. I ordered a side of mushrooms to accompany my Eggs Benedict one morning and Damo Ryan has called me "Extras" ever since. I think this name has run its race. Terribly unfunny.

QH: Run us through "Robbie Ralph Hook"?

RR: Unfortunately, it’s a rare occurrence. For those lucky enough, they know. You have to put yourself in their shoes. I can’t give away all my secrets, but I have an ability with words. That's why my pre-game addresses are so memorable...

QH: Which team mate struggles most with picking up?

RR: There’s a few, no doubt about that. Josh Anderson springs to mind. He has a sloppy rig, is always leaving his wallet at home and doesn’t back himself in enough. Josh if you’re reading this…LIFT!

QH: Who is most likely to ask Terry for new shorts/socks?

RR: Former superstar player Luke Pirrie. A great man! Terry has nightmares about Luke's return to the club.

QH: Which team mate would you trust least to take the kick outs?

RR: Louis Denton. I don’t think it requires a lot of explanation.

QH: Who’s always asking for cash to get a meal on Thursday night?

RR: Me. I put my meals on the former president’s account. 15 years of presidency = 15 free chicken risottos each year. For the other 7 weeks, I use the current president’s account.

QH: You're on "Who Wants to be a Millionaire". Which team mate is your life line?

RR: Tycaz (Brendan) Goss. A corporate tycoon. There isn't much he doesn't know.

QH: Most unique personality in the change rooms?

RR: Joni Pintal. I’ve been forced to share a bed with him on footy trips and he scares me. I don’t think I can/will ever recover.

QH: Best player you've played with during your time at Old Xavs?

RR: Lachie Keith, clearly. Should have almost been drafted. Single-handedly won us the flag last year. Close second would be Tycaz Gozo. Also should have been drafted.

QH: Who don't you want on the speakers pre-game?

RR: Nick Wynne. I don’t need to listen to Triple R whilst I am preparing for battle. I guess he won't be looking after the speakers for the 9:30am game...breakfast radio will do me.  

QH: Walking away from a huddle who struggles most with instructions of a drill?

RR: Hollywood Parker. He talks to himself during the huddle. I know it’s a big session Hollywood, but it’s also three degrees and raining. If you tell me to do back rolls one more time I’m going to play for North Ringwood next year.