QH: Where did the nickname “Horse” come from?

JS: It’s a long story…

QH: A lot’s been made about the jet-ski incident in Cartagena, Columbia. Time to put the rumours to bed, John?

JS: I highly recommend being single in Columbia.

QH: You’re no stranger to controversy, but playing mixed netball with your better half may be a new low. Is this your new pre-season preparation?

JS: Might have found my calling - being 205cm and 104kg makes for a dominant goal shooter in division 28.

QH: At the start of the season you were heading to New York to live. It’s now mid-April and you’re still in Melbourne. Your new found love is the worst kept secret in footy. Is this the reason?

JS: More a lack of job prospects and money – still likely to head over at some point.

QH: You won the premiership last year as captain, any hard feelings towards Dan Noonan?

JS: Haven’t spoken to him since!

QH: Which teammate is most likely to order a light beer?

JS: Nick Wynne – too alternative for full strength.

QH: Which teammate is happiest with his appearance?

JS: Chris Waller – chisels the jaw daily and known for 1mm weekly maintenance haircuts.

QH: Game on the line and we're down by 5 points - who takes the kick?

JS: Josh Douglas – the high knee lift celebration, would be Stuey Dew-like comeback 2008 GF.

QH: Who has the worst fashion sense at the club?

JS: These days Marc Johnston with the ultra-wide legged jeans. Normally I’d say Jake Williams - Calibre printed polos and $300 shiny designer t-shirts are unforgivable.  

QH: You find a dead body in your backyard - which teammate do you call first?

JS: Brendan Goss – dealt with a few bodies back at Charles St kick-ons.

QH: Which player is heavily influenced by his better half?

JS: Sam Lees – veteran ‘plus one’ at weekly weddings/functions.

QH: "Brother Beer or Banish" - which of these brothers who would you have a beer with, and who would you banish?

   QH: Tom Anderson or Josh Anderson?

   JS: Beer with Josh – hear more of his record

   QH: Nick Wynne or Tom Wynne?

   JS: Beer with the younger/improved version

   QH: Marc Johnston or Tomi Johnston or Clay Johnston? (Only one to have a beer with)

   JS: Marc, the other two don’t drink.

  QH: Cauley Beetham or Caydn Beetham?

   JS: Beer with the Norm, reflect on that goal

  QH: Matt Margin or Chris Margin?

   JS: Beer with M Margin – the enigma

 QH: Louis Denton or Charlie Denton?

  JS: C Denton beer, L Denton would need a booth