Ciaran "Chizzy" Nolan's tem is unbeaten after one round, but did not secure the four premiership points it looked certain to do so with a few minutes remaining in the game.

The Crocs had to settle for a draw after some eleventh hour heroics by the Four Blues, and will now wait at least a fortnight for its first season win.

Barring veterans David "Chachi" Landrigan and Anthony "Tonza" Keyhoe, the lineup was youthful and had little experience playing as a unit. But the lure of the Green Hose remains strong and no doubt the coach will have them humming shortly.

Old Xaverians            3.5-23     6.9-45   9.10-64   11.13-79

Prahran Assumption  2.3-15     5.3-33    9.5-59    12.7-79

Goal Kickers: M. McLean 3, F. Keramitsis 3, J. Donohoe, T. Silk, S. O'Brien, B. Pane, D. Landrigan
Best Players: A. Corsi, M. Walsh, M. McLean, R. Gallagher, O. Keogh, B. Pane