We are truly grateful to the following for their membership commitment in 2017:

Legend: Jack and Meg Bowen, John and Marg Noonan, Mark Mattioli, Michael (RIP) and Sara Hennessy

Hero: Francis Browne, John Burnes, Chris and Mary Callinan, Peter and Debbie Darvell, Michael Fitzgerald and Janette Parr, Lachlan and Natalie Ford, Rolly and Lindy Howard, Michael Logan, Nicholas Martin, Peter and Marg McDonnell, Kevin and Cheryl O'Hanlon, John and Tracey Prowse, Philip and Sue Prowse, Peter Rhoden, Anthony Rohan, Nick West

Family: Paul and Joan Hamilton, Jim Avgerinos, Trevor Barrot, John and Carol Barry, Bernadette Batten, Steve and Kaye Beetham, Damian and Libby Berry, Michael and Biddy Blood, Andrew Brushfield and Robbie McHale, Phil Carey, John Carmody, John and Chris Cavanagh, Anthony Duggan, Neal and Rachael Dunne, Richard and Ro Foley, John Gilbert, Michael Green, Florian and Louise Greene, Kevin Halpin, Pat Hawkins, Shane & Bernadette Healy, David and Nina Hummerston, Simon and Andy Hunt, Michael Johnston, Paul and Jo Lachal, Jim Lally, Michael and Jenny Lefebvre, Simon Lethlean, Peter and Marianne Margin, Tim and Patricia Meehan, Joseph Monaghan and Meredith Shaw, Hayden & Jacqui Morris, Liz Mullins, Steve and Anne Parsley, Gerard, Deborah, Max and Georgia Phillips, Karen Pintal and Chris Thornton, Brigid Pitney and Michael Nunan, Andrew Quinn, Jack Rush, Elvia Russo, Marg and Michael Ryan, Renato and Pauline Serafini, Michael and Dorothy Shaw, Damien and Caroline Silk, Peter and Heather Simpson, John and Effie Symeopoulos, Kevin and Margie Ulbrick, Antony and Michelle Woodley, Gavan and Stephanie Woodruff, Russell and Julie Wynne

Loyalty: Michelle Agius, Anthony Barr, Michelle Barret, Michael Barrett, Michael D Blood, Matthew Bourke, Mark Bowden, Nicholas Burne, Don Collins, Paul Connors, Simon Conquest, Matthew Cosgrave, Phil Cramer, Steve Curtain, Rohan Davis, Ed Delany, Edward Delany, Gerard Delany, Andrew Dillon, John Dillon, James Dynon, Tony Dynon, Tom Fanning, Joe and Andy Forrest, James Francis, Phil Francis, Mark Gibson, Theresa Goss, Adrian Gray, Daniel Hannebery, James Hawkins, Bernard Heaphy, Nick Healey, Paul Henderson, Margot Hulett, Alan Johnston, Colleen Jreissati, Elias Jreissati, Scott Keck, Josh Kennedy, Michael Kennedy, David King, Adrian Larkins, Paul Lefebvre, Andrew Leoncelli, Stewart Lopez, James Lowe, Cameron Lucas, James and Alice McDonnell, Joe McGrath, Alex McHarg, Ray McLean, James Meehan, Scott Mollard, David Morton, Nick Mitsios, David Niall, Carl Nunan, Kieran O'Brien, Matthew O'Hanlon, Paul O'Leary, Tim O'Meara, Michael (Ralph) O'Shaughnessy, Bill Peppard, Anthony and Anne Prowse, Jeremy Pytel, Chris Ralph, Barry Richardson, Daniel Richardson, Terry Rogers, Charlie Rohan, Chris Samartzis, Elizabeth Shaw, Michael Shaw, Stephen and Helen Silk, Richard Stanley, Michael Sweeney, Luke Tuddenham, Andrew Wardlaw, Chris Warry, John West, Luke Westmore, Lucy Wilcox, Michael Yates, John Zachariah,

Supporter: Martin Amad, Matthew Ball, Kevin Barge, Nick Bourke, Mark Bowden, Michael Brennan, Frank Burke, Andrew Cookesley, Matthew Cracknell, Bernard Cussen, Justin deBroughe, Monte Denton, Tim Dickinson, John Elligate, Adrian Janiszewski, Tim Johnston, Pat Kennedy, Craig Kilby, Josh Kitchen, Brian Lawler, Pip Lees, Michael Lefebvre Snr, Tony Long, Cameron Lucas, Peter Luff, Michael McCarthy, Tom McCarthy, Matt McNamara, Ambrose Meehan, Louis Megas, Bulled Mikela, Declan Mitchell, John Nankervis, David Niall, Chris O'Neill, John Pereira, Will Pereira, Gretal Rohan, Michael Rohan, Sonia Rohan, Damian Schinck, Joshua Schinck, Renzo Sgarbossa, Jacqui Smith, Paul Smith, Sybil Thomas-McLean, Gerry Walker, Graeme Williamson, Donna Williamson, Brett Yorgey, Judy Zapparoni

It's not too late to renew or sign up to become a financial member of the biggest and most successful football club in Australia!

If you have been a member in the past, we’d love you to renew your commitment to the Xavs.

All proceeds go towards keeping our club thriving.

We are determined to be the number one club off-the-field, just as we are number one on the field. But this season, it will cost more over $700,000 to field our eight teams..

So we really need your help to ensure the best opportunities for our registered players.

By joining as a member, you are wearing your colours on your sleeve and taking a real stake in our success.

All Memberships include 

  • Membership Card and Umbrella
  • Weekly Lugar Newsletter
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  • Website recognition



Covers TWO members.

Bonuses (each member):

1 ticket to the President's Dinner      

FREE Afternoon Tea at Senior Home Games

$1,100 INC GST



This membership is for ONE member.


FREE Afternoon Tea at Senior Home Games

$165 INC GST


Covers TWO members.

Bonus (each member):

FREE Afternoon Tea at Senior Home Games

$550 INC GST



This membership is for ONE member




Covers TWO adult members + juniors


FREE Afternoon Tea at Senior Home Games

$275 INC GST