With a new season fast approaching, you have the opportunity for a financial stake in our club’s success.

We believe that 2019 will be a successful year for the Old Xaverians and by buying a membership, you will be showing your love for the Red ‘n’ Blacks, among the biggest and most successful community football clubs in Australia.

But you know that already!

This year, we are giving you the option of paying your membership in one hit, or in four quarterly instalments. You choose your membership tier and then decide how you wish to contribute.

And, for those who wish to express their real undying gratitude, you can choose the Auto-Renewing Membership in any of the tiers and your future membership will be automatically charged.

We’d love to have you as a member this year, and we’d love to reward you with some more silverware and red and black linen.

Rest assured, your contribution will go to good use.

Come on, please join us today. You will be in excellent company.

Learn about the 2019 Member packages by clicking the button below.


The following have committed as members of our club in 2019. We thank them for their generous support.


John Barrett; Francis and Josie Browne; Matthew Cosgrave; Michael and Rita Green; Pat and Jacqui Hawkins and Family;


Tom and Bernadette Batten and Family; Damian and Libby Berry; Andrew Brushfield, Robbie McHale and Family; John Carmody and Family; Richard and Ro Foley; John and Kate Gilbert; Florian and Louise Greene and Family; Paul and Joan Hamilton; Paul Holmes and Family; Paul and Jo Lachal; Michael and Jenny Lefebvre; Peter and Marianne Margin; Owen and Jacqui Niall; Michael and Marg Ryan; Paul and Liz Satterley and Family


John Connellan; Andrew Cookesley; Mark Gibson; Matt Hannebery; James Lally; James McDonnell; Carl Nunan; Ken Roche; Gerard Sholly; Nick West; Simon Williams


Tim Agius; Tom Ayfantis; Matthew Ball; Simon and Mary Ann Banting; Andrew Callinan; Tim Dickinson; Daniel Molan; Will Richards; Andrew Wardlaw