ROUND 3 - 2017


We came out hard on Opening Day, but Round 2 produced a new record of 8 starts for 8 wins. The only downside was that the Menages lost their points for Round 1, because of an unregistered player. The fact remains that on the field, we have won or tied every game we have played. Given that some teams, by dint of massive numbers, are forced into rotations, that's a mighty effort. It must also be said that we are leading the Winning Edge Club Championship by four points.Still, the season is young and we all have a long way to go

The other significant record last week belongs to David "Chachi" Landrigan, who played his 286th game in red and black, breaking the total games record previously held by Andrew Dillon. These two played most of their football together and were stalwarts in the straight six senior premierships between 1995 and 2000. Chachi missed one of those, but played in the 2003 premiership. They last played together in the 2004 Crocs triumph.

It's interesting now to look back at this old story:  

 The young dynon BLEEDS FOR THE CAUSE!

The young dynon BLEEDS FOR THE CAUSE!


This weekend, we have another significant individual milestone - Tim Dynon will play his 217th game for the Old Xavs, but unfortunately it will be his last. You can read more about Tim elsewhere on the website, but I want to record my appreciation of his great service to our club.

I have always loved his resilience and his toughness. He's missed relatively few games because he's played through injuries and soreness and has always taken care of dangerous forwards. Uncompromising but never unfair, Tim has been a brilliant contributor and a great leader.

One of the things we all hope for is that these qualities displayed year in and year out rub off on our younger players. The long red and black line has rarely failed us and we now await the rise of others to replace Tim, who will always be remembered by all of us as a great player, but an even better bloke. Fantastic effort, Dyno! Our very best to you as you embark on your post-playing adventures.




Last week, our senior players had the honour of wearing specially-made Anzac commemoration guernseys. We are proud to be among the clubs chosen by the RSL for the honour.  While comparisons between war and football are too frequent and should be avoided, our boys showed resilience in coming back from an early deficit and then to hold on to collect the points. Old Melburnians have stolen a few close ones from us in recent years, so it was good to win one.

This week, we have seven games tomorrow and then the big clash at Xavier on Sunday when our women take on Old Brighton. The Tonners haven't lost a game yet, and they will arrive full of confidence. We noted a Facebook comment from an Old Brighton fan(?) - Wait til this weekend when the mighty OBGFC girls take on the Old XAVS CHICKS. Look out its going to be nasty. - Hmm. It won't be nasty, but it will be a very entertaining and a hard-fought game between two teams looking to finish their grading season unbeaten. We are all very proud of the job our women are doing on and off the field and we are hoping for a continuation for the success they deserve.

We have been encouraged by the uptake of 2017 memberships, and if you haven't yet signed on, please find the button on the top right of the website home page. Make no mistake, you will be making a difference to our success and sustainability when you join.

The seniors travel to Brindisi Street for the big clash with St Bede's/Mentone Tigers. Again, we will need to be near our best to win. To them and to all of our teams, good luck!


There are three social functions coming up very soon. Our first home game lunch, one for the ladies and then one that will be a brilliant evening for all. All bookings and payments can be made through the Old Xavs Shop.


Our 2016 Grand final opponent Old Trinity is coming to Toorak Town next Saturday. Why not join us for our first lunch of the year and hear Paul Connors. Revel with the 1987 U19 team at their 30th year reunion.




First up, the Ladies Lunch (now called the FOX Lunch) will be held at the Malvern Hotel on Sunday 7 May. You can book through the shop on this site.




This will be held at the Botanical on Friday 19 May. Thanks to the efforts of Shane Healy, we have secured John Silvester as our guest speaker. John is a Walkley Award winning journalist and crime writer and appears regularly on 3AW Breakfast. He will no doubt provide some sensational entertainment.

Those who are not sponsors can secure a ticket through the website shop.


See you tomorrow and Sunday.

Go Xavs!

Bill Denton, OXFC President



Terry "Lemon" Landrigan was too busy to talk with us last week.

"Chachi has asked me to polish his boots for his big game with the Crocs, so I'm all tied up," he told us.

"See you next week!" 

So now it is next week, and we asked the great man if he was delighted about his boy breaking the games record at Old Xavs.

 OLD  MELBURNIAN David Landrigan dropped in bin by former xavs teammates (MAY 2007)

OLD  MELBURNIAN David Landrigan dropped in bin by former xavs teammates (MAY 2007)

"Well, not really. You gotta remember that Chach also played a few games with OMs, and Xavs are being generous in not deducting those from his account. You would have thought that Andrew Dillon, who has a decent legal background, would have thrown up some constitutional objection. Especially given that Dills wrote the Constitution."

"So David has the record until someone takes it off him, either in a court-room or on the field. I know the legal processes can drag on a bit, but the way David is playing, it might be a quicker avenue."

"There's something to be said for playing a lot of games. As you know, I didn't, thanks to Hooks Nelson and Archbishop Mannix, but that's another story. But it's what you do in those games that counts. John Noonan played 123 games and won five best and fairests. Mitch McKenzie played just 83 games and won six.

"Still, not everyone can win the best player awards. It's premierships that really count, as I'm sure all the players will tell you. Both Chach and Dills won six senior flags and that's some achievement. I'm sure they'd rather talk about that.

"Today it's coffee with the owner and then a big travel weekend. All the way to Mentone tomorrow and then out to Xavier on Sunday. Don't think I'm complaining. I'm not. It's been a good start to the year and I just hope we keep it going. Whoops, nearly forgot . . . The Anderson boys are using the whirlybird to get to Brindisi Street and I need to find a helipad down there. 

"Gotta fly. (No pun intended!)"


Screen Shot 2017-04-27 at 12.26.50 pm.png

Weekend’s games


1s @ St Bede's/Mentone Tigers- Brindisi Street 2:00pm

2s @ St Bede's/Mentone Tigers- Brindisi Street 11:40am

3s @ Collegians - Harry Trott 11:40am

U23 @ St Kevins OB Gold - T H King Oval 9:20am

U19 v Old Scotch - Stradbroke Park 2:00pm

U19R v Old Scotch - Stradbroke Park 11:40am

Crocs v Hawthorn - Bulleen Park 9:20am


Women v Old Brighton - Xavier College 2:00pm

Upcoming Premier Section clashes

6 May -   R4 vS Old Trinity

13 May -  R5 @ St Kevin’s

20 May - R6 @ Uni Blues

27 May - R7 VS Beaumaris

3 Jun -   R8 VS Uni Blacks 


Here's the ladder after Round 2:

The picture became a little clearer after last week's second round, though admittedly, there are still ten teams in contention for the four top spots.

At this stage, there might be ten in contention for the bottom two as well, because it is all pretty competitive.

Kevs remain on top, with the Red 'n' Blacks slipping to fourth after the narrow win last week.

This season, every team has its chances and every win is like gold.

Depth is never an issue when the best 22 are available, but injuries, absences and luck will surely play a large role in who rises, who stalls, and who falls over the long campaign. 

The Predictor on the VAFA site throws up these Round 3 prognostications.



And here’s what we say . . .

Collegians @ Beaumaris. The Sharks will be trying to get their first win after the lightning game draw and the loss to Blues under the spires last week. They will want this one badly, as they have traditionally been fast starters but poor finishers at this level. They did knock over a very strong Colls lineup early in the piece a few years back, though topping this Lions team will be very tough. We sense the Predictor is about right with this one. 

Blacks and Blues in the big derby. Always a showcase VAFA event, though Les Bleus have a better record than Les Noirs in recent years. Lachie Dornauf is emerging as a superstar for the Blacks, but the other team has very good players all over the park. Ex-North Melbourne player Keiren Harper was best afield for Jimmy Walker's team last week and with Ross Young, Pete Summers et alia to back him up, it might end up a lop-sided affair. Does the Predictor know more than we do? Not likely. Blues by five goals and going away. 

De La Salle @ Old Melburnians: Having seen these teams in successive weeks, picking the winner isn't easy. Both have claims. Wind might not have much of a say this week, and the ground should be in fair nick. We see a very close game, despite the contrast in styles. OMs were without Matt Thomas and Tom Temay last week. Should they return, the Dark Blues might get up. However, if DLS can play four quarters, they might steal the show. This is a real toss-up and not the blow-out the Predictor indicates. OMs are at home, but the Bellers play better on the road, and have a side built for the expanse of the Wick.

Old Trinity @ St Kevin's: The Horned Frogs' R7 loss in May last year to Kevs on the King began their mid-season slump.  The tricolours locked down their running players and closed avenues to goal, and that will be the aim again. however, this Ts team has resolve and confidence and will be looking to put the first dent in the SKOB ambitions. St Kevin's by 38 points? We don't think so. It will be a lot closer than that and we can see the Grasshoppers shocking the new old-look Kevs with their perseverance and run. Will it be enough? Again, we sit on the fence and perhaps we hope for a draw. 

The game of the day is undoubtedly Old Xaverians at St Bede's Mentone Tigers. The Tiges are without a point in this young campaign but cannot be under-estimated. Our memory tells us that the Red 'n' Blacks have played six times for just two wins on the postage stamp, a record that will fill the Seasiders with a lot of confidence. Man-for-man, the X Men are a stronger proposition, but the Brindisians always find something at home.

Michael Barnes (son of former Ormond great Russell) and Kye Beveridge (son of Footscray and SBMT premiership coach Luke) have enjoyed a strong start. The three sets of brothers (Garside, Richards, and Tyquin) are always a handful, while Chris Mangoni and former Beauy U19 player Nick Henricks have shown plenty too.

Old Xavs must put down the markers early and show the necessary intent. There will be some extra motivation in Tim Dynon's last game, but the Predictor is being generous with a five goal win to the Claret and Stout, given the patchy form shown in its first halves of games played thus far. Brindisi Street throws up some issues, the first being a lack of space and the second being the notion that a small ground naturally produces a big score. History tells us that a lot of players take a lot of shots, and a lot of those shots don't go through the taller uprights. This is definitely a game that should go in the Xavs' win column, but woulda, coulda, shoulda won't pass muster here.