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ROUND 2 - 2017


We couldn’t have hoped for a better beginning to our season, with the club’s teams unbeaten in 8 starts in Round 1.  Had the Crocs managed an extra point, we would have recorded our first ever 8 win day, but we can’t have it all.

With Easter falling when it did, we are hoping that the start-stop-start nature of the young season won’t cause us too many problems. Still, it is the same for everyone. We will play each week now until the Queen’s Birthday break.

That means plenty of action for our supporters and members. Those who were members last year will have received their membership packs in the mail and now you can go to our website to reaffirm your commitment to our great club.



There are plenty of membership options available and we thank those who have signed on again. Let’s hope we see plenty of action in this regard over the next seven days. Simply put, we need all of our supporters to become members and/or sponsors to ensure we can equip our players with the very best in insurance cover, medical kits and trainers and facilities.

On that point, the club has St John's Ambulance stationed at all Stradbroke Park games and has taken out extra insurance cover to ensure injuries don't smash holes in family budgets. Regardless, we recommend that all players have private health insurance. We will have more on that next week. 

For the seniors, it’s a trip tomorrow to our home-away-from-home Sportscover Arena, the scene of thirteen of our fourteen Premier section triumphs, plus myriad flags in other grades too. To commemorate Anzac Day, the boys will wear special guernseys during the big 2:00pm clash with Old Melburnians. This is as initiative of the Victorian RSL and Puma.

As the guernseys are numbered 1 through 25, there will be some number switches this week. Here's the list:

1 Clay Johnston 
2 Daniel Noonan (C) 
3 Tomi Johnston 
4 Denis Symeopoulos 
5 Matt Handley 
6 Ben Kennedy (VC) 
7 Louis Denton 
8 Tim Golds 
9 Nick Wynne 
10 Marc Johnston 
11 Hayden Troiani 
12 Brendan Goss 
13 Cauley Beetham 
14 James Midgley 
15 Chris Margin 
16 Louis Tiernan
17 Jarryd Skene 
18 John Shaw (VC) 
19 Tim Dynon 
20 Campbell Lane 
21 Charlie Woodley 
22 Murphy Ambrose 
23 Tom Anderson 
24 Billy Gowers 
25 Tom Williams


There are a couple of social functions that I’d like to highlight.


First up, the Ladies Lunch (now called the FOX Lunch) will be held at the Malvern Hotel on Sunday 7 May. You can book through the shop on this site.

Please secure your seat early to avoid disappointment.

The 2017 Presidents Dinner will be held at the Botanical on Friday 19 May. Thanks to the efforts of Shane Healy, we have secured John Silvester as our guest speaker. John is a Walkley Award winning journalist and crime writer and appears regularly on 3AW Breakfast. He will no doubt provide some sensational entertainment.

Those who are not sponsors can secure a ticket through the website shop.

See you tomorrow

Go Xavs

Bill Denton, OXFC President


Tomorrow’s games

Seniors @ Old Melburnians - Sportscover 2:00pm

Reserves @ Old Melburnians -Sportscover 11:40am

Women @ St Kevin's - Basil Street Reserve 11:40 am

Thirds v University Blacks - Stradbroke Park 2:00pm

U23 v Collegians - Stradbroke Park 11:40 am

U19 @ Parkdale Vultures - Gerry Green Reserve 11:00am

U19R @ Fitzroy FC - Ramsden St Oval 9:20am

Crocs @ MHSOB - Melbourne High School 11:40am

Premier Section 2017 Fixture


29-Apr 3@ St Bede’s/Mentone Tigers
6-May4v Old Trinity
13-May 5@ St Kevin’s
20-May 6@ Uni Blues
27-May 7v Beaumaris
3-Jun8v Uni Blacks
17-Jun 9@ Collegians
24-Jun10v St Kevin’s (Roche Oval, XC)
1-Jul 11@ De La Salle
15-Jul12v Uni Blues
22-Jul13@ Beaumaris
29-Jul14v St Bede’s/Mentone Tigers
12-Aug15v Old Melburnians
19-Aug16@ Old Trinity
26-Aug17@ Uni Blacks
2-Sep 18v Collegians


Well, the VAFA had a Lightning Carnival for the second week running, with three games affected by the electricity and two of them called early. Old Melburnians were down by 10 points to Beaumaris and opinions are divided about who might have won the day. Each team apparently had the last quarter breeze, each team had the momentum, each team had the strongest pre-season ever which guaranteed storming home. Well, whatever, the storm sent them all home and a draw was the result handed down by the VAFA brass.

In other games, Colls beat SBMT, Kev’s took care of a strong Blues team, Trinity came from the clouds to nail the Blacks, and Xavs roared in the final term and got the points. You can read the match report here.

This week, another big round. Opening Day form can be misleading, so it will be interesting to see which teams hold up in R2.

Here's the ladder after Round 1:

1St Kevins 4-168.85
2Old Xaverians 4-165.96
3Collegians 4-130.16
4Old Trinity 4-102.41
5Beaumaris 2-125.64
6Old Melburnians 2-79.59
7Uni Blacks 0-97.65
8St Bede’s/Mentone Tigers 0-76.83
9De La Salle 0-60.26
10 Uni Blues 0-59.22

The Predictor on the VAFA site throws up these Round 2 prognostications.


Here’s what we say . . .

St Bede’s Mentone Tigers have the big trip to Old Trinity. The Tigers looked all right at home, but the Grasshoppers will be keen to strut their stuff in front of their home crowd for the first time this campaign. Make no mistake about the Ts – they are strong again and will be around in September. The Brindisians? For now, they will be happy to consolidate their position, which is the first job of every Premier section side.

Beaumaris will meet Blues under the spires. There’s a shower forecast, and even a few drops of precipitation makes Blues nervous these days. They probably won’t be nervous about the result, despite losing by seven goals to St Kevin’s last time out.  The Sharks look very similar to last season’s lineup. Stephen Milne is there, but the rumoured signings of Darrel Baldock, Carl Ditterich, Cowboy Neale and Justin Kositschke were wide of the mark. (Rumour has it they will front at St Kevin’s before the QB break!) Blues will be too strong in this one.

De La Salle receive a visit from St Kevin’s and what a cracker this will be. The Sallies were looking good until ¾ time in R1 and had us all wondering whether their understated optimism was a bluff. But once they were stopped, they couldn’t find the starter button. They will need four solid quarters against Kevs, who will be better for the run (and win) on Opening Day. SKOB likely winners, or so it seems.

Uni Blacks take to the Trott to meet Collegians and it’s hard to see them winning there. The Purples look as if they are back in business and that the summer’s recruiting will pay some dividends. The Uni team will be tough to beat on their day, but we are sensing tomorrow won’t be that day. Under-estimate them at your peril, but winning by the Lake is a tough ask at any time.

The game of the day is undoubtedly Old Xaverians and Old Melburnians at Elsternwick. The Dark Blues have had a relatively quiet summer, but with Matty Thomas, Tommy Paule and George Hurley-Wellington still picking up kicks and Josh Freezer back full time to hold up the opposition, they will be around the mark most weeks. Al Armstrong up front can be a handful too, but their biggest question mark is their ruck division.

Xavs will edge a little closer to a full-strength line-up this week, and should go to HQ full of confidence. Forwards Handley and Goss have enjoyed plenty of birthdays there and if the Red and Blacks find the space they usually do here, they could build a winning total early. But let’s not get carried away. Anything could happen if minds are not on the job.