ROUND 1 - 2017


Old Xaverians football, 2017 vintage, is well and truly with us, and we kick off the season in historic style with our first-ever meaningful game for our Women tomorrow at 2:00pm at Toorak Park.

We hope that the many who support them, and the girls themselves, will feel welcome and enjoy the experience of the Old Xaverians.

Tomorrow sees all seven men’s teams in action for the first time this year. The practice games are now behind us and we are ready for the real stuff.

We’ve had a few changes over the summer and as a club, we hope to be better than were last year. We are certainly bigger, which leads to more expenses, and we thank our super sponsors for their contributions.

Now it’s time for all of our supporters to jump on as members.

We also have a brand new website. It’s still very much a work in progress, but we aim to make it number one in football again this year. Have a look around while you are here.

With the Reserves at 4:30pm, we are holding a Cocktail Function beginning at 5:30 pm. Details are below.

Finally, and very importantly, the VAFA’s NO ALCOHOL policy is in place again. This means no drinking at any of our games, other than at our authorised pre-game functions. Please observe this rule and save the drinking for the post-match.

See you tomorrow

Go Xavs

Bill Denton, OXFC President

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Well, Terry “Lemon” Landrigan has had a big fortnight. First up, his kids dragged him to the VAFA Season Opening at the MCG. He didn’t want to go at first, telling sons David and Tony that he had better things to do than listen to speeches. Then a little bird told Tezza that he was to receive a Certificate of Merit, and that changed his mind.

So the world’s greatest team manager sat down at his kitchen table and started penning his own acceptance speech. He listed all of his life in football, from his early days with South Yarra YCW, his life ban, his Papal reinstatement, his great joy at seeing his boys win 19 flags between them, his nurturing and encouragement of son-in-law Simon Hunt, his time at OMs, his return to the Old Xavs, dealing with the Anderson helicopter and his relationships with current players. Five minutes, the VAFA said, and Terry didn’t know how he could cram a lifetime of football memory into ten. Still, he wrote it out long-hand, handed it off to a professional editor, who got the piece into 1500 words for a fee of $300. Yep, that’s how dedicated Lemon is to his craft.

So the big night arrived and the MCG Members Dining Room was packed to capacity. Terry’s name was called and he approached the podium, only to have Michael Sholly whisper in his ear that he’d been cut from the speaker’s roster. “We thought Tommy Brain would go on forever, but we didn’t anticipate how long forever actually was,” he told Lemon.  

“Crikey, Sholl, it took him fifteen minutes just to name the club’s he’s been at, and another half-an-hour to list those he’s had a drink at,” said our tireless TM.

So Terry received his plaque, shook a few hands and trudged off to the photo area where he posed for a few snaps with club and family members.

“Don’t worry, Lemon,” Bill Denton told him. “You can have an early night to prepare for the long trip to Mt Martha on Saturday. Get that Bowens Wagon Queen Family Truckster there early. And so he did.

What of his speech? Terry tells us it was a beauty and he’s already framed it, ready for the walls of his Toorak Park office. He just has to remove about 17 Landrigan family pics to find the space to hang it.


Tomorrow’s games

1s v De La Salle (Toorak Park) 7:00pm

2s v De La Salle (Toorak Park) 4:30pm 

Women v Collegians (Toorak Park) 2:00pm

3s @ St Kevin's Gold (TH King) 9:20am

U23 @ Old Melburnians (Sportscover) 9:20am

U19 v Caulfield Grammarians (Straddy) 2:00pm

U19 Reserves v St Kevins 3 (Straddy) 11:40am 

Crocs v Prahran/Assumption (Straddy 9:20am)

Premier Section 2017 Fixture

DATE              R           OPPONENT

8-Apr              1            v De La Salle (Night)

22-Apr           2           @ Old Melburnians (SCA)

29-Apr           3           @ St Bede’s/Mentone Tigers

6-May            4           v Old Trinity

13-May           5           @ St Kevin’s

20-May          6           @ Uni Blues

27-May          7           v Beaumaris

3-Jun             8           v Uni Blacks

17-Jun            9          @ Collegians

24-Jun          10          v St Kevin’s (Roche Oval, XC)

1-Jul              11           @ De La Salle

15-Jul            12          v Uni Blues

22-Jul           13          @ Beaumaris

29-Jul           14          v St Bede’s/Mentone Tigers

12-Aug          15          v Old Melburnians

19-Aug          16         @ Old Trinity

26-Aug         17         @ Uni Blacks

2-Sep           18         v Collegians


Here is the news, good or bad, as you might see it. VAFA Scribe Nick Armistead has written his season preview here. He tips Tommy Paule of OMs to win the Woodrow, Al Armstrong of OMs to share the goal kicking honours with our own Matt Handley, and a final four comprising Old Xaverians, Collegians, Old Trinity & St Kevin’s.

He isn’t going to be right about all of those predictions, and given his finals’ prognostications last year, he might strike out more than he hits.

We, of course, have seen far too much football in our time to make predictions beyond tomorrow, and even those are fraught with peril.

Old Melburnians @ Beaumaris:

The Sharks are back in the top tier with Adam Schneider holding the coaching reins. They have recruited extensively from junior ranks and the local area, but this won’t be the year that Beauy overwhelms with its star power. Nathan Brown will again coach Old Melburnians, which has lost Adam Marangon, but brings in former Carlton squader Tom Temay.

The Dark Blues surprised in 2016, and will need to win a few hard ones again to survive. That said, they are probably in better shape than they have been since Ian Cordner was at his peak forty years ago. Beaumaris will need to make the most of their home ground advantage if they want a year to consolidate.

I suspect OMs might have enough in this one. Should they win on the road, they’ll be chockfull of confidence when they return home to meet Old Xavs after Easter. Beauy? Hmm. Bad signs if they go down, because they usually get out of the blocks well. OMs by 13 points.

Collegians @ St Bede’s/Mentone Tigers

These clubs have enjoyed some tense battles over the years and the rivalry was set in stone during the 2008 finals. Lachie Ferguson and Kenny Ong are back from VFL duties, Corey Cassidy comes back from the EFL and Viv Michie crosses from Melbourne AFL. They’ll be pretty good, the Lions. The Tigers have made less noise, with some veterans retiring and former players Tim Doherty and Luke Collins returning from other places. Were this one not at Brindisi Street, we’d be thinking the Purples by plenty, but new Tiges coach Ian Anstey might get his charges close. But surely not close enough. Colls by 32.

Old Trinity @ Uni Blacks

Blacks have had the Ts’ measure on many occasions over the past three years, but we suspect they have fired their biggest shots. They are waiting for the cavalry and won’t get close on a firm University Oval. Yes, repeat, a firm University Oval. Trinity might consider itself unlucky not to have won back-to-back premierships in ’15-‘16, though the reality is it did not win either. Diappointed, but not daunted, the Green Machine will go again, unleashing fury with their run and precision. Former Brisbane Lion Hugh Beasley will add some strength to an already imposing lineup. Blacks have lost Tyson Kruse and Brendan Dess, and might find themselves losing tomorrow. Greens by 40 points.

Uni Blues @ St Kevin’s

Old friend James Walker takes charge of the Blues and from all accounts has recruited well. Woodrow and Sandover medallist Ross Young is back on board, as are Xavier McMahon and Josh Caldow. Their pre-season form has been patchy, but there’s a lot to like about the Blues again. St Kevin’s of course, have recruited Mitch Brown, Jay Schulz and Mark Jamar from AFL clubs. For SKOB, the future is now. It must be, with so many veterans on their list. There’s plenty of talent coming through their U19 ranks, but this season is critical to that club’s future. And they know it. They might get off to a good start tomorrow too. SKOB by 28 points.

De La Salle @ Old Xavs

This is another intriguing beginning to the year. DLS knocked us over in the night clash at TP last year (and beat us after the siren the year before). The Bellers have recruited in solid fashion, with SANFL premiership player Michael Chippendale (VFL listed), AFL quick Jason Tutt and Port Melbourne player Josh Scipione saddling up. Old friend, defender Tom Carey, has also joined them. The arrivals offset some big departures. With Damien Rayson, Hugh Nicholson and Xavier Murphy, Harry Haley, Aaron Kneebone, Tom McMahon, Ben Humphrey, Jordy Pollard and cult forward Matt “Mandy Moore” all seeking greener pastures. 

Xavs have had a steady summer, with Tim Golds arriving and Chris Waller and Murphy Ambrose returning. Jayke Barrack and Tyler Scarce are new to the club. At time of writing, we have no idea of the team composition (of either club) for Saturday night’s clash. But we think it will be a close, hard-fought affair, with the Xavs finding their feet to do enough to get the first win on the board for 2017. X Men by 9 points.