ROUND 7 - 2017


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It is with great sadness that we learned of the passing on Wednesday of Allan McLean, a former Secretary and Treasurer of our club during the 1950s and a great long-term financial member ever since.

Allan (XC '52) was in his early eighties, and was a regular at Toorak Park over many seasons.  While at school, he played in the First XVIII and captained the XI in his final two seasons at XC.

Allan helped out Anthony McDonald with employment back in the mid 90s, encouraging him to play for the Red 'n' Blacks. That first connection proved very fruitful for our club, with the arrival in later years of James, Alex and Phil McDonald, Travis Ruyg, Tim Clarke, Nick Bye and Mike Beardsley.  

Thanks, Allan, for your great contribution to our club. May you rest in peace.


If we thought Round 5 was a bit of a let-down, then Round 6 was a pretty poor day indeed. Not to take any credit away from the Crocs and the U23s, who both enjoyed good wins, though the latter's victory came at the expense of our Menages.  With the 1s and 2s performing below their best and going down to Uni Blues, and St Kevin's doing the business against our U19 teams, and the Women losing a hard-fought low-scoring contest, (lost by a goal and had the ball in the goalsquare when the siren sounded) Saturday night's refreshment tasted a little bitter.

Still, we are the Xavs and we've seen it all before. All of our teams are still in great position to close out the first half well and set the scene for a great second half of the home and away. It would be nice to get back on track this weekend


Heartiest congratulations to Josh "Tooka" Hanger on his 150th this week. Josh joined the U19s nine years ago and is very much a stalwart in the Ménages veteran. He's been an integral member of four premiership teams, and won a Best and Fairest. Josh is one of the many unsung heroes of our club, performing week-in and week-out over a long period. Well played, Josh!


The President's Dinner was a great success and a nice way to acknowledge our generous sponsors. Those tickets not taken by sponsors were eagerly snapped up and all patrons had the opportunity to hear Dermot Dann and Sly of the Underworld in fine voice. We thank them both, and we extend our appreciation to the Botanical Hotel, our fine hosts, and Shane Healy for his contribution to the evening.    

We look forward to our remaining social events, including the Boots 'n' All Lunch on 11 August. It's important that we drag massive numbers to this event and it will be an ideal opportunity for you to entertain your business clients. We have pulled together a star cast, so click the pic and then book your table.


Yes, we still have room for you at the Membership Table. If you haven't signed up yet, please click the pic at the top right of this page and make your financial commitment for this season. We have plenty of generous sponsors and all of our players pay to play, but we really a lot more members to make ends meet, to cover such extras as increased player insurance cover, St John's attendance at Stradbroke Park, fully furnished medical kits, extra trainers and costs of communications. There's a level of membership to suit all of our supporters, so please contribute today. We are relying on YOU! 

See you tomorrow.

Go Xavs!

Bill Denton, OXFC President



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Terry "Lemon" Landrigan was a trifle angry after last Saturday at the Uni.

"Well, we got beaten, didn't we! All those pretty red jumpers didn't actually come into too much contact with the red leather. Maybe that's the issue. Not enough contrast. 

"We're back in black this week and I'm hoping we can again find the form to make our return home a real success.

However, tomorrow is Terry's birthday and he's not so angry. 

"Yes, the odometer clicks over again. Looking forward to hearing how many David kicks in the Crocs. Did you see he kicked another three last week and is leading the goal-kicking in Club XVIII. Nick Bourke has called him and asked if he wants to stand in the square for Old Geelong. 'Maybe in a few years time,' David told him.

"Looking forward to a big effort from all the boys tomorrow and then a nice dinner at Hunty's place. The Anderson's have offered me a ride there in their chopper, but it might be too windy to pick me up from the Rugby field. Also, there might be a few of Hunty's bigwig property mates using the helipad on Saturday night, and it's only big enough for two whirlybirds!

"I think I'll just drive the Bowen's Wagon Queen Family Truckster over there and back. I'll be in bed by nine, anyway, getting a good sleep before the WOX game at XC on Sunday!"



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Tomorrow’s games


Upcoming Premier Section clashes

3 Jun -   R8 VS Uni Blacks






Here's the ladder after Round 6:

LAST WEEK: De La fell to SBMT at Brindisi, OMs smacked Blacks, and Trinity returned to the winner's list with a win against Beauy down at the shore. Old Xavs took a pounding at Uni Bles, and Kevs copped an even bigger shellacking from Collegians in Saturday Night at the Trott. The only thing missing was an appearance from Bill Collins and Mary Hardy. 

Xavs are currently third, with a one game break on fourth, but another loss could tip us to seventh, such is our percentage. Time to get back on track.

The Predictor on the VAFA site throws up these Round 7 prognostications.

Screen Shot 2017-05-08 at 2.27.27 pm.png

And here’s what we say . . .

OMs at SBMT: Both winners last start, with the Dark Blues the more consistent team of late. Should be a tough old contest down there, particularly with Demis Roussos and My Friend the Wind likely to make an appearance from the north. Expect high-scoring and loads of missed shots. Also expect OMs to win another one, though it might be wild, but will certainly be close.

Uni Blues @ Old Trinity. Trinity will enjoy being back home, but Blues don't mind the Ponderosa. That's the story, anyway, but the Hedgeburners beat them here in 2015 and 2016, lost in 2012 and drew in 2011. Still, given the devastation and havoc caused by Blues last week, one can expect they will start favourites. The Predictor says it's close, and we agree, but we can see Blues getting up in a nail-biter. Once again, one quarter of wind could blow it either way.

Kevs @ Blacks: The Predictor says a narrow win to Kevs, though if they bounce back to their near-best, they should do this comfortably. Not sure what is going on at Blacks, and we will know more next week, but it's difficult to see them going with the Tricolours. Uni Oval might be a factor, but they beat Blacks here last year and lost to Blues by a point. The Uni team has a better line up than their record suggests. Perhaps this is the week they spring the massive surprise. History is littered with teams on winning streaks dropping two in a row. Nah, despite the absolute towelling the Lions gave them last week, the Kevs should stroll. 

Collegians @ De La: We thought De La was back in town, but a loss at Brindisi was a big setback. The Purples were simply brilliant last Saturday night and their percentage tells the story of their big strides taken this season. The Sallies were down last week, but have a good record against the Lions. They will hit in hard. The Predictor says an eight goal win to the visitors, but for some odd reason, we sense it could be a contest and maybe even an upset. Not likely, but some chance.

The game of the day for the seventh week in a row again features Old Xaverians. This time, our opponent is Beaumaris at Toorak Park.  So far, the Sharks' only points have come in the lightning game in R1, when they were marginally ahead of OMs in the final quarter. The electric finish resulted in the VAFA awarding each team two points. However, after six losses on the trot, they are due for a win, which we will happily postpone for another week.

Beauy features former Saints #33 Stevie Milne (extra avoirdupois but still loves a goal) and #25 Sam Fisher, with AFL premiership player Adam Schneider working the moves from the bench.

#2 Rob Cathcart (44 disposals against DLS two weeks back), #11 Scott Braithwaite, #29 Tim Cumming, #38 Max Williams and #23 Ben McLean have been the Sharks best so far this campaign. Milne, Kelly, Cathcart and Braithwaite (the latter pair prodigious ball winners) have booted more than half of the team's goals, with the erstwhile Saint leading the pack with ten. Big V representative #7 Tommy Dean and former U23 reps #3 Matt Petering and #12 Scott Gower and are pretty handy players too.

Other comparative stats on 2017:

  • Most points scored in a game: Beaumaris 61, Old Xavs 121
  • Most points conceded in a game: Beaumaris 127 , Old Xavs 106
  • Times conceded 120 pts in a game: Beaumaris 3, Old Xavs 0
  • Most goals scored in a quarter: Beaumaris 4, Old Xavs 7
  • Most goals conceded in a quarter: Beaumaris 7, Old Xavs 6
  • Players used: Beaumaris 32, Old Xavs 31
  • Players played every game: Beaumaris 11, Old Xavs 15
  • Home record: Beaumaris .5/4, Old Xavs 2/2
  • Road record: Beaumaris 0/2, Old Xavs 2/4

VAFA Scribe Nick Armistead says this: Drew Kelly’s three-goal performance will offer hope leading into their Round 7 clash against Xavs and, if they can start fast again while restricting the Xavs scoring power, the pressure could be enough to claim their first win of 2017. 

A dangerous thought. Thankfully, Mr Armistead has proven he is wrong even more often as we are right. Xavs are four goals a game better on offence, and about the same on defence. Should the Red 'n' Blacks rediscover some form, then they should win this one going away. However, every opponent is dangerous and should be respected. Whatever the Claret and Stout defence does, its offensive unit must hit the scoreboard hard.