ROUND 10 - 2017


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Football returned with a bang, not a whimper, last weekend. Unfortunately, Saturday's senior contest ended with an ugly bang, with Jarryd Skene suffering badly broken bones in his leg. It's not the way we like to see any games end, nor do we ever like to see players from any team suffer serious injuries.

Following the incident that brought the premature end to last Saturday’s senior game with Collegians, our club's first concern was that Jarryd Skene receive the most timely and expert medical assistance available. 

We feel confident we did everything to ensure that happened, and we are grateful to our Head Physiotherapist, Charlotte Brolsma who led the medical support, and to our volunteer doctors, Geoff Gidley, John Williams and Liz Mullins for their quick actions in that regard. 

Jarryd has had a successful surgery and we wish him a speedy recovery.
Our second responsibility was to our senior team, who deserved, by any measure, to win the game. 

On Monday, the VAFA reacted in two ways: 

- It deemed that the Collegians player who clashed with Jarryd would face the tribunal.

- It asked for submissions by noon that day to guide the Board decision over the awarding of premiership points.

Despite the tight time frame, we were able to mount a very strong argument that the game should be awarded to our club. 

We thank those who assisted in building that case, which we believed to be inarguable based on the momentum of the game, detailed statistics that we recorded, scoring patterns throughout the afternoon and the incident that caused the match to be abandoned. 

After a lengthy tribunal hearing last night, the charge against the Collegians player was not sustained.
This morning, VAFA President Tim Nelson informed me that the Board had decided to allocate two premiership points to each team. 

It should go without saying that we are extremely disappointed with this decision, but we accept unequivocally that under the current VAFA rules and policies, it is the role solely of the VAFA Board to adjudicate these matters.

While our concern is still very much with Jarryd’s post-operative recovery and rehabilitation, this decision on the points allocation means we can now fully focus on the upcoming round and our club’s seven clashes with St Kevin’s Old Boys at Xavier College tomorrow.


We thank Chris Hayes and everyone at Xavier College for making the school grounds available for all of our eight teams to play on the club's ancestral home. I know that our players relish this homecoming round. St Kevin's is our opponent in seven of these eight clashes and they are strong teams in all of the sections. It should be a day of football fireworks and hopefully plenty of premiership points. Wins by our teams will set them up nicely for the swing home.

We should also record our thanks to Dr Hayes, who will finish as Principal at Xavier at the end of this year. He has been a fine friend of our football club and his support through his time at Barkers Road is much appreciated. We wish him well in his new role at St Joseph's College in Sydney.

Our club looks forward to working closely with the next Principal, Mr William Doherty.  William taught for seven years at our brother school St Ignatius, Riverview and has most recently been Deputy Head at - ugh - St Kevin's. No doubt he will be wearing the red and black tomorrow to signal his renewed allegiance to Jesuit education (and Xavier football!).


It's never too late to get on board. By joining us officially, you are fully vested in our success as a club. We are dedicated to our players and volunteers who give so much to the Red 'n' Blacks so that we remain strong. We are as proud of our past as others are jealous, but our outgoings rise every year and we need more people on board to spread the burden. We'd be grateful if you sign up if you haven't already committed.

We are truly grateful to the following for their financial membership in 2017:

Legend: Jack and Meg Bowen, John and Marg Noonan, Mark Mattioli, Michael (RIP) and Sara Hennessy

Hero: John Burnes, Chris and Mary Callinan, Peter and Debbie Darvell, Michael Fitzgerald and Janette Parr, Lachlan and Natalie Ford, Rolly and Lindy Howard, Michael Logan, Nicholas Martin, Peter and Marg McDonnell, Kevin and Cheryl O'Hanlon, John and Tracey Prowse, Philip and Sue Prowse, Peter Rhoden, Anthony Rohan, Nick West

Family: Paul and Joan Hamilton, Jim Avgerinos, Trevor Barrot, John and Carol Barry, Bernadette Batten, Steve and Kaye Beetham, Damian and Libby Berry, Michael and Biddy Blood, Phil Carey, John Carmody, John and Chris Cavanagh, Anthony Duggan, Neal and Rachael Dunne, Richard and Ro Foley, John Gilbert, Michael Green, Florian and Louise Greene, Pat Hawkins, Shane & Bernadette Healy, David and Nina Hummerston, Simon and Andy Hunt, Michael Johnston, Paul and Jo Lachal, Jim Lally, Michael and Jenny Lefebvre, Simon Lethlean, Peter and Marianne Margin, Tim and Patricia Meehan, Joseph Monaghan and Meredith Shaw, Hayden & Jacqui Morris, Liz Mullins, Steve and Anne Parsley, Gerard, Deborah, Max and Georgia Phillips, Karen Pintal and Chris Thornton, Brigid Pitney and Michael Nunan, Jack Rush, Elvia Russo, Marg and Michael Ryan, Renato and Pauline Serafini, Michael and Dorothy Shaw, Damien and Caroline Silk, Peter and Heather Simpson, John and Effie Symeopoulos, Kevin and Margie Ulbrick, Gavan and Stephanie Woodruff, Russell and Julie Wynne

Loyalty: Michelle Agius, Anthony Barr, Michelle Barret, Michael Barrett, Michael D Blood, Matthew Bourke, Mark Bowden, Nicholas Burne, Don Collins, Paul Connors, Phil Cramer, Steve Curtain, Rohan Davis, Ed Delany, Edward Delany, Gerard Delany, Andrew Dillon, John Dillon, James Dynon, Tom Fanning, Joe and Andy Forrest, Phil Francis, Mark Gibson, Theresa Goss, Adrian Gray, Daniel Hannebery, Bernard Heaphy, Paul Henderson, Margot Hulett, Alan Johnston, Colleen Jreissati, Elias Jreissati, Scott Keck, David King, Adrian Larkins, Paul Lefebvre, Andrew Leoncelli, Stewart Lopez, James Lowe, Cameron Lucas, James and Alice McDonnell, Alex McHarg, Ray McLean, Scott Mollard, David Morton, Nick Mitsios, Carl Nunan, Kieran O'Brien, Matthew O'Hanlon, Paul O'Leary, Michael (Ralph) O'Shaughnessy, Bill Peppard, Anthony and Anne Prowse, Jeremy Pytel, Barry Richardson, Daniel Richardson, Terry Rogers, Charlie Rohan, Chris Samartzis, Elizabeth Shaw, Stephen and Helen Silk, Richard Stanley, Michael Sweeney, Luke Tuddenham, Andrew Wardlaw, Chris Warry, John West, Luke Westmore, Lucy Wilcox, Michael Yates, John Zachariah.

Supporter: Martin Amad, Matthew Ball, Kevin Barge, Nick Bourke, Michael Brennan, Frank Burke, Andrew Cookesley, Bernard Cussen, Justin deBroughe, Tim Dickinson, John Elligate, Adrian Janiszewski, Tim Johnston, Pat Kennedy, Craig Kilby, Josh Kitchen, Brian Lawler, Pip Lees, Michael Lefebvre Snr, Tony Long, Peter Luff, Michael McCarthy, Tom McCarthy, Matt McNamara, Ambrose Meehan, Louis Megas, Bulled Mikela, Declan Mitchell, John Nankervis, David Niall, Chris O'Neill, John Pereira, Will Pereira, Gretal Rohan, Michael Rohan, Sonia Rohan, Damian Schinck, Joshua Schinck, Renzo Sgarbossa, Jacqui Smith, Paul Smith, Gerry Walker, Graeme Williamson, Donna Williamson, Brett Yorgey, Judy Zapparoni


Tomorrow, the Crocs will again wear pink armbands in memory of Will Dwyer's sister Nikki Dwyer, who passed away two years ago this week. Nikki was close with a lot of Crocs players and she is much missed. Her husband and son will be coming from Perth to attend the massive clash with Richmond Central tomorrow at 9:20. 


Two of our players, Campbell Lane (left) and Sam Ralph have been named in the Big V U19 squad. Congratulations to both boys on their fine seasons so far.


It was great to see Will Cookesley at the Trott on Saturday with his father Richard.

Will's start to 2016 was marked with a very serious accidental fall that might have been fatal. He spent some time in a coma, but has been undergoing rehabilitation for his injuries.

His progress has been steady and his capacities are still improving.

We're proud of you, Will. Keep on fighting and we'll see you on the sidelines again soon.

Go Xavs!

Bill Denton, OXFC President


The Crocs came from ten points behind at the half to beat Old Scotch in the 1996 Club XVIII Grand Final. Michael Plant was rampant with the microphone as the Diles awaited their premiership medals. Coach Matt "Melons" Tyrrell was a delighted man, while Paul Connors, David King, Jack Kennedy and Dave McLean savoured the moment. (Click for bigger pics)


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Terry "Lemon" Landrigan received a belated birthday present last week when he woke up to discover that his Bowen's Wagon Queen Family Truckster had been replaced with a newer version.

"Yes, the owner has struck again. The new model is a beauty. It has a little more room, a roof rack and a spot to plug in an MP3 player too, which will be good when I work out what an MP3 player is. I'm more interested in Xavs' players.

"The new Bowen's Wagon Queen Family Truckster has none of the famous blue and gold Bowens livery. The Owner thought it might enable me more opportunities to commit the more nefarious tasks without chancing anyone's reputation.

"On Wednesday, I went down to the wrecking yard to see the old Truckster crushed. I can say that it was an emotional experience and there was a tear in my eye, especially when I realised that my wallet was still in the glove box. But it miraculously jumped out when the pounding started and it landed just a few feet away from me.

"I was sad to see the old wagon go. It has served the club well, but I suppose we have been lucky that it wasn't previously confiscated and crushed under the Hoon laws. Anyway, farewell old truck, hello new one.

"The Crocs rolled on with another big win over the Hawthorn Spartans, but my boy David had a bit of scoring competition from young Nick "The Vise" Chancellor, who slotted five and a returning Jake Williams who punched through two goals. Jake came to me last week and asked for his old number one jumper and I told him that it now belonged to Clay "Buddha" Johnston. Jake replied 'who the heck is that? Never heard of him'. Anyway, I fished out the old 1970s Bob Stewart special - a pure wool jumper with a number one and a Weston's Biscuits logo. That shut him up!

"So when Jake tells the coach he's still itching to play, we know what he means!"


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Tomorrow’s games


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Here's the ladder after Round 9

Last week: Blues were too good for DLS in the end after three quarters of shifting dominance.

Blacks beat Beaumaris, with the Sharks booting 20.8 in a losing effort.

Old Melburnians put another hole in Trinity's sagging balloon, while Kevs went big on St Bede's Mentone Tigers.

At the Trott, no final siren and we were informed yesterday that the points have been split. 

The Predictor on the VAFA site throws up these Round 10 prognostications.

Screen Shot 2017-05-08 at 2.27.27 pm.png

And here’s what we say . . .

DLS @ Beaumaris: This is a massive danger game for the Sallies. The Sharks have the tall timber to worry the life out of the visitors. Rain and wind might play a role down by the Bay. The more the better for DLS, we believe. As such, we will give the nod to the Bellers, but only just.

Blacks @ Old Trinity: They've played out some close ones in recent years, but both have displayed more in those times than they have so far this year. On paper, both appear strong, but that's about where it sits at present. One would suspect the Ts can win it on their big expanse, but it's another toss-up. A Blacks win would boost their chances of survival, but we suspect it won't happen. Old Trinity will live to fight another day.

SBMT @ Collegians: We won't be hearing anyone refer to this one as the 2008 or 2011 Grand Final rematch, and it seems unlikely that the crowds will be flocking to the Trott this week. We're probably not alone in wanting the Tigers to out-perform the Kings of the Jungle, but hope exceeds expectation by a mile. Colls in a canter.  

OMs @ Uni Blues: If things go the way the Dark Blues hope, they will be in the four tomorrow night, jumping De La and they team they must beat to do it, Uni Blues. We thought OMs might struggle without al Armstrong last week, and we think the same again this week. Blues, when switched on, are playing as well as anyone and with the home field advantage, might make it very difficult for the visitors. A Blues win won't be the end for OMs, but it won't help them much either. Blues.

The game of the day, for the tenth week in a row, surprisingly features Old Xaverians, who return to the cradle of football civilisation to battle the league leader St Kevin's. 

Comparative stats in 2017:

  • Most points scored in a game: SKOB 127, Xavs 121
  • Most points conceded in a game:  SKOB 140, Xavs 106
  • Times conceded 120 pts in a game: SKOB 1, Xavs 0
  • Top Goalkicker: SKOB - Schulz 22, Xavs - Handley 21
  • Players with multiple goals in game: SKOB 10, Xavs 8
  • Most goals scored in a quarter: SKOB 7, Xavs 7
  • Most goals conceded in a quarter: SKOB 7, Xavs 6
  • Points scored per game: SKOB 97, Xavs 79
  • Points conceded per game: SKOB 69, Xavs 75
  • Players used: SKOB 38, Xavs 35
  • Players played every game: SKOB 6, Xavs 11
  • Home record: SKOB 4/4, Xavs 4/4
  • Road record: SKOB 4/5, Xavs 2.5/5

The stats indicate that SKOB comes in three goals a game stronger on offence and a goal a game better at the other end of the ground. However, the five goal a game better performance from Collegians meant nothing last week when they ran into a tough, aggressive and determined Old Xavs. 

Back in R5, Xavs played brilliantly for three quarters on the King, and the defence was resolute all day (if unsuccessful in the final wash-up). Last week, Skevs fielded a side with five different players to the team that won under the wires. Mark Jamar, James Strauss and Steve Salopek haven't been seen in a short while, but Nick Wood (son of former OX Assistant and Richmond/Essendon wingster Bryan Wood) has returned. 

Their most consistent this season have been midfielders #27 Gerard Gleeson, #3 Benny Dowd, #2 Nick Wood, and ruckman #31 Anthony Lynch, but they have a whole swag of very good players who can get the job done for them. They have used 38 players and unsettled lineups haven't stopped them, though they did lose to collegians on the Trott by 15 goals. 

A strong four quarters last week and another chance to play on the Roche will spur Xavs, who have won four from the past five on this famous field. Despite the open spaces, scoring has not been heavy here, apart from the 2013 Red 'n' Blacks smashing of Scotch 141 to 58. Other than that, the highest winning score on the Roche in this half-decade has been 94. The highest visitors' scores were 78 and 75 in 2015, when Old Carey came back to win.

VAFA scribe Nick Armistead has looked at all the club stats and notes this: Unsurprisingly, the Xavs’ midfield is the most proficient in the competition, with Tomi Johnston, Denis Symeopoulos and Ben Kennedy feeding off John Shaw’s elite ruck work. While their overall kicking efficiency is ranked 10th, Xavs are disposing of the ball on average 46 more times than their opposition, showcasing their midfield’s dominance.

Kevins are an aggressive team who like to hit the ball and opponents hard. They are well drilled, but this Xavs team, if on its game, has a great chance to avenge its narrow R5 loss. With De La and Blues its next opponents, banking another four points here would be indeed valuable.

Last 3 Head-to-Head:

ROUND 5 2017 @ TH KING

Xavs were better for three quarters, though allowed SKOB back into the game in short bursts, enabling them to stay closer than they should have been. The last quarter saw Xavs blow a couple of crucial attacks that might have sealed the result, but the Tricolors otherwise attacked relentlessly and eventually hit the front in time on.

  • St Kevins           4.3-27    7.8-50   9.10-64    15.16-106
  • Old Xaverians   5.1-31    10.2-62   15.4-94     15.5-95

Goal Kickers: B. Goss 7, M. Handley 3, C. Waller 2, M. Ambrose, D. Symeopoulos, M. Margin
Best Players: C. Lane, B. Goss, C. Margin, D. Noonan, T. Anderson, M. Ambrose


Inaccurate kicking proved costly early, but the Red 'n' Blacks got straighter and stronger as the day went on. Tomi Johnston had the lazy 48 touches and Goss booted six as the home team, despite a few anxious moments, rolled home and effectively ended the SKOB finals' hopes.

  • Old Xaverians    3.5-23    3.10-28     7.12-54   11.17-83
  • St Kevins            1.2-8       4.5-29     6.6-42     8.8-56

Goal Kickers: B. Goss 6, L. Tiernan, C. Beetham, M. Handley, T. Johnston, D. Symeopoulos
Best Players: D. Noonan, B. Goss, J. Anderson, T. Johnston, D. Symeopoulos, B. Kennedy

ROUND 3 2016 @ TH KING

The teams virtually traded goals in the first term, but Xavs dominated the second and final terms to cruise over the SKOBs.

  • St Kevins             5.1-31      7.4-46    11.12-78     12.13-85
  • Old Xaverians    6.2-38   12.5-77     14.7-91     19.11-125

Goal Kickers: B. Goss 4, M. Handley 4, D. Symeopoulos 3, C. Margin 2, T. Anderson 2, C. Beetham, C. Johnston, M. Margin, T. Williams
Best Players: L. Denton, B. Goss, J. Shaw, C. Beetham, C. Beetham, T. Anderson