ROUND 6 - 2017


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Round 5 was a bit of a come-down from the lofty heights. We're used to winning a good percentage of our games, but the day got off to a slow start with the U23s and Crocs losing close ones.

The much-anticipated clash with St Kevin's produced a great game, but not the result we wanted. We gave ourselves every chance, but the SKOBs were full-bore all day and outlasted us after we had a decent lead. We look forward to turning the tables on them when we meet on the Roche in Round 10 on 24 June.

The Women went down again, but it is interesting to see they have now played Premier's two top teams. Better days will return, I'm sure. Especially pleasing from the weekend round was the wins by both U19 teams at Beaumaris. With new coaches, both of our teams are doing very well. Let's keep it up, fellas.

I am looking forward very much to tonight's President's Dinner. With Dermot Dann and John Silvester topping the bill, it is sure to be a great night. It's a sellout, perhaps not surprisingly. Let's hope the fun for the Old Xavs continues through Saturday, with all of teams playing the great footy of which they are capable.

Playing at University has been a challenge for us in recent years and no doubt Blues will come out firing tomorrow. Everyone has a lot to play for and both the seniors and reserves appear well matched teams, or so it has been in recent years.

A special shout-out to old friend John Carmody, who had a health scare a few weeks back. Carmo, we hope to see you at the Uni tomorrow and we trust you will be in good form, though we don't hope the same about your Uni Blues team.

Also, our very best goes out to former Collegians president Wayne Dyer, who is going through a rough patch health-wise. We hope sincerely that you are able to fight your way back to good health. 


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See you tomorrow, if not tonight.

Go Xavs!

Bill Denton, OXFC President



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Terry "Lemon" Landrigan never sleeps. Well, hardly ever. We spoke to him as he packed the Bowens Wagon Queen Family Truckster for tomorrow's road trip to the University.

"Well it's back to the red guernseys this week, so I've given them the treatment all week, ready to hang them on the Bowens Timber handcrafted coat-hangers in the flash new rooms at the Uni. That's two road trips in a row and two of the most modern changing facilities in amateur football.

"i must say the setup at St Kevin's is pretty slick. Plenty of room for the players, officials and supporters to get in and stay connected. The crowd at TH King was as big as anything I've seen at a home and away match since R18 at Toorak Park last year.

"What about that bloke who let his two dogs on the field during the game? Not content with halting proceedings, he very kindly came to our rooms after the game, for the sole purpose of instructing our coaches on forward strategy. Well, it takes all sorts. I was wondering how Bones Richardson would have reacted to the intruder.

"My young boy David kicked six in the Crocs in a standout performance and then unfortunately was knocked down by the goalpost. One unkind supporter suggested that the post itself was moving faster than Chachi, but the lad is still motoring well, I can tell ya! Sadly, I can't yet report the same about his mate Leoncelli!

"Saturday night was huge, as I was feted at the players' Mayday! Mayday! celebrations. They kindly waived the entry charge, but they put me in a cab at 9:00pm, which is way past my usual bedtime anyway. 

"So to this week. I haven't been back to the Varsity since the shenanigans last year when I "drove the ground" to check it out for traction. (Those Goodyears went alright, too, but I needed the Anderson helicopter to help me get away when I got bogged). i understand the surface is pretty good there this year, so I'm tipping the contest will be a beauty.

"One of the biggest challenges of playing there at the Uni is the parking. To think they call that place Parkville. It's more like Parking Inspector-ville. But thankfully Blues always come to the party and find a spot for the Bowen's Truckster, even if the players have to park miles away in the streets. Let's hope the walk gets them warmed up for a big win.


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Tomorrow’s games


Upcoming Premier Section clashes

27 May - R7 VS Beaumaris

3 Jun -   R8 VS Uni Blacks





Here's the ladder after Round 5:               

Here's the ladder after Round 5:

LAST WEEK: De La accounted for Beaumaris by 23 points, Old Melburnians beat Blues by a goal. Trinity fell to Colls by 33, Blacks beat the Tiges by 33. Kevs, of course, tossed us by ten. 

We are currently third, with a one game break on fourth. Let's keep rolling.

The Predictor on the VAFA site throws up these Round 5 prognostications.

Screen Shot 2017-05-08 at 2.27.27 pm.png

And here’s what we say . . .

Well, before we get in to sledging the Predictor again, we should note that the machine picked four from five, which is better than we did, by a long shot. 

Trinity @ Beaumaris. The Ts have hit the wall, and if they only manage 61 on the board down at Shark Park, we think they might hand the home team its first win. The Hedgeburners were victims of a very fast start and spent the whole game playing catch-up footy. Sam Fisher did OK on debut for Beauy, Stevie Milne booted two and might be due for a big haul. Still not convinced about the Shark defence, but if it gets on top, an upset could be on the cards. Still, we can't pick against the Ts.

De La Salle @ Tiges. Sean Fisher continued his good form for the Sallies, as did Jason Tutt, but I'm sure the DLS fans will be a little underwhelmed with the win over Beauy. This week, it's a trip to Brindisi Street to meet their La Sallian cousins. This could go either way. a week ago, Bede's looked back on track after tossing Blues, but they couldn't get it done against the Blacks at the same venue. We tip the Tiges with no confidence whatsoever, as we believe both teams haven't found any consistency and because the raucous SBMT crowd will will the Seasiders home. Or not!

Blacks @ Old Melburnians: The Predictor calls this as a draw. OMs did for Blues last week and surely must have an edge at home over the Uni's lesser-credentialed (lately) club. But maybe the Blacks have had the traditional slow Varsity start and are ready to push on. They do appear to be on the rise. OMs, most are saying, are better than their win-loss record suggests and they did win at HQ last year against the Blacks. The fence is an uncomfortable place to sit at HQ, so we'll give the nod narrowly to OMs, again without confidence.

Kevs @ Collegians: Both have made significant strides this campaign and go to R6 unbeaten. OK, it's at the Trott, with a 7:00pm under lights start. We know know how good the Kevs are and this one must be a reasonable measure. We think the Predictor is way out here. Colls might well win, but neither will kick a hundred points. Once again, it's a bit of a raffle, so we will plump for the team that beat us last week, noting that many teams who fall to Xavs lose the following week. But not this time. Kevs in a close tussle.

The game of the day is undoubtedly Uni Blues and Old Xaverians. The Red 'n' Blacks go from playing under the wires to under the spires and wheel out the lucky red strip (in which they have beaten Blues twice in the last two meetings). Those games were away from Uni Oval, so the Claret and Stout will be looking to complete the set.

Blues have been surprising this year, but not surprisingly good. No shame in dropping to Kevs on the King, but losing to OMs at the Wick (as Xavs nearly did) and to the Tiges at home is not the start for which they'd hoped and others expected. They beat Blacks (18 pts) and Beauy (48 pts) (both at the Uni) and look to be a team with plenty of guns: Ross Young, Peter Summers, Tim Geappen (10 goals) , Kieran Harper (15 goals), Connor Lappin, Jeremy Taylor and Richie Langham have been their most consistent. But as a team, they haven't yet found that consistency. Uni Blue Sean Carr will miss after getting a two-week holiday from the judiciary (as did SKOB Chris Gleeson for his late hit at TH King), but the sheer weight of talent in the Blues' team spells a big challenge for the Red 'n' Blacks.

For some reason, Xavs' wins there have usually been close shaves. We won there in 2006, 2011 and 2013 by less than a goal and by 14 points in 2009. Despite the loss last week at TH King, there were some very encouraging signs for the Claret and Stout. The backline held together extraordinarily well against massive pressure, the forward line functioned smoothly and the ball movement all over the ground was slick. We'll be looking for a solid four quarter effort this week and if it happens, we should chalk up another win. Blues will want to win this one badly to stay in touch, and they are still dirty that last year's R17 clash was moved from Uni Oval to Ransford. It's time to put this one to bed and a victory for the X-Men will restore some impetus after last week's setback. Good guys by 14 pts.