ROUND 9 - 2017


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It's been two weeks since our last tilt and I'm sure everyone appreciated the week off. The Queen's Birthday is always a welcome break after the longest stretch of games for the season. We have two more bye rounds for the senior teams, who have ten games to put themselves in shape for the finals. The U19 teams have one bye left and then a long run to the playoffs, while the Women and the Crocs finals are set down for August.

Eight wins from eight last time out, giving everyone some confidence that we can come back to football and continue in a successful fashion.

Watching the Women play so magnificently in the second half was one of the season highlights for me. The team is improving every outing under Rohenna Young and doing it against bigger and tougher opponents than they have ever met. I am very proud of their commitment and enthusiasm and I can sense big things for the WOX, if not immediately, then not too far down the track. To have three of our players - Emily Archer, Gabby Golds and Riley Christgoergl - selected in the Big V squad is a terrific achievement for the girls themselves, our team and our club.

And well done to our pair Denis Symeopoulos and Murphy Ambrose on their inclusion in the senior men's Big V squad too.

 Mike McColl Jones OAM

Mike McColl Jones OAM

Just this week we heard that one of the great Old Xavs, Mike McColl Jones, was named in the Queen's Birthday Honours List. Mike achieved fame and notoriety writing funny lines for some (most of) of Australia's television greats - Graham Kennedy, Bert Newton, Don Lane and others. Mike also sold a few jokes to Joan Rivers (at $10 a gag!). We know him at Toorak Park as a long time financial member and denizen of the grandstand. Congrats Mike, from all of us. Your OAM is well-deserved. 

Let's hope that all of our teams can get back amongst it tomorrow. There are some tough games ahead for all our teams, but we are a resilient bunch. No-one doubts that when our teams play at their best, we usually win.

Tomorrow, both U19 teams venture to Beaumaris for the second time in a month, and winning down there is always hard. Let's hope they can repeat their R5 successes down there. The Ones have the big task of winning on the Trott. It's going to be tough against a Collegians team that is on fire, but we have done very well by the Lake over the years. No doubt our boys will be "up" for the clash.

We hope to see former long-serving Collegians' President Wayne Dyer at the Trott tomorrow. Many of you will know that since he handing over the presidency late last year, he has encountered some harsh health. Recently, he has had a large tumour removed from his liver and has lost a lot of weight. Wayne has put a lot of his adult life into Collegians and we officially saluted him last season for his great work. He now has another battle on his hands and we sincerely hope and pray that he recovers. 


200 Games – Matt Walsh

 Wolga firing up the troops

Wolga firing up the troops

Well done to Matt Walsh on reaching 200 games with our club.

Wolga has played in all men’s teams other than the 23s, (and Women) including a number of senior games, but mostly in the Reserves.

Walshy commenced back in 2001, playing in the Under 19 premiership team.

His other premiership was as captain of the Reserves team in 2013. He has won four club Best and Fairest awards across the Reserves, Ménages and Crocs and was the Club XVIII Competition Best and Fairest in 2015.

His record might more impressive but for a four year sabbatical overseas from 2006-09. He continues to burn down the wing with those silky skills for the Crocs and is hoping for more team success in 2017. Well done Warren, a true club man who surely will have many more games in the red and black.

Also, congrats to a great bunch who have cracked the 100 GAMES recently - Robert Ralph, Sam Franklyn, Matt Margin, Jeremy Preece, Liam Rogers, and James Smith.


We are truly grateful to the following for their membership commitment in 2017:

Legend: Jack and Meg Bowen, John and Marg Noonan, Mark Mattioli, Michael (RIP) and Sara Hennessy

Hero: John Burnes, Chris and Mary Callinan, Peter and Debbie Darvell, Michael Fitzgerald and Janette Parr, Lachlan and Natalie Ford, Rolly and Lindy Howard, Michael Logan, Nicholas Martin, Peter and Marg McDonnell, Kevin and Cheryl O'Hanlon, John and Tracey Prowse, Philip and Sue Prowse, Peter Rhoden, Anthony Rohan, Nick West

Family: Paul and Joan Hamilton, Jim Avgerinos, Trevor Barrot, John and Carol Barry, Bernadette Batten, Steve and Kaye Beetham, Damian and Libby Berry, Michael and Biddy Blood, Phil Carey, John Carmody, John and Chris Cavanagh, Anthony Duggan, Neal and Rachael Dunne, Richard and Ro Foley, John Gilbert, Michael Green, Florian and Louise Greene, Pat Hawkins, Shane & Bernadette Healy, David and Nina Hummerston, Simon and Andy Hunt, Michael Johnston, Paul and Jo Lachal, Jim Lally, Michael and Jenny Lefebvre, Simon Lethlean, Peter and Marianne Margin, Tim and Patricia Meehan, Joseph Monaghan and Meredith Shaw, Hayden & Jacqui Morris, Liz Mullins, Steve and Anne ParsleyGerard, Deborah, Max and Georgia Phillips, Karen Pintal and Chris Thornton, Brigid Pitney and Michael Nunan, Jack Rush, Elvia Russo, Marg and Michael Ryan, Renato and Pauline Serafini, Michael and Dorothy Shaw, Damien and Caroline Silk, Peter and Heather Simpson, John and Effie Symeopoulos, Kevin and Margie Ulbrick, Gavan and Stephanie Woodruff, Russell and Julie Wynne

Loyalty: Michelle Agius, Anthony Barr, Michelle Barret, Michael Barrett, Michael D Blood, Matthew Bourke, Mark Bowden, Nicholas Burne, Don Collins, Paul Connors, Phil Cramer, Steve Curtain, Rohan Davis, Ed Delany, Edward Delany, Gerard Delany, Andrew Dillon, John Dillon, James Dynon, Tom Fanning, Joe and Andy Forrest, Phil Francis, Mark Gibson, Theresa Goss, Adrian Gray, Daniel Hannebery, Bernard Heaphy, Paul Henderson, Margot Hulett, Alan Johnston, Colleen Jreissati, Elias Jreissati, Scott Keck, David King, Adrian Larkins, Paul Lefebvre, Andrew Leoncelli, Stewart Lopez, James Lowe, Cameron Lucas, James and Alice McDonnell, Alex McHarg, Ray McLean, Scott Mollard, David Morton, Nick Mitsios, Carl Nunan, Kieran O'Brien, Matthew O'Hanlon, Paul O'Leary, Michael (Ralph) O'Shaughnessy, Bill Peppard, Anthony and Anne Prowse, Jeremy Pytel, Barry Richardson, Daniel Richardson, Terry Rogers, Charlie Rohan, Chris Samartzis, Elizabeth Shaw, Stephen and Helen Silk, Richard Stanley, Michael Sweeney, Luke Tuddenham, Andrew Wardlaw, Chris Warry, John West, Luke Westmore, Lucy Wilcox, Michael Yates, John Zachariah,

Supporter: Martin Amad, Matthew Ball, Kevin Barge, Nick Bourke, Michael Brennan, Frank Burke, Andrew Cookesley, Bernard Cussen, Justin deBroughe, Tim Dickinson, John Elligate, Adrian Janiszewski, Tim Johnston, Pat Kennedy, Craig Kilby, Josh Kitchen, Brian Lawler, Pip Lees, Michael Lefebvre Snr, Tony Long, Peter Luff, Michael McCarthy, Tom McCarthy, Matt McNamara, Ambrose Meehan, Louis Megas, Bulled Mikela, Declan Mitchell, John Nankervis, David Niall, Chris O'Neill, John Pereira, Will Pereira, Gretal Rohan, Michael Rohan, Sonia Rohan, Damian Schinck, Joshua Schinck, Renzo Sgarbossa, Jacqui Smith, Paul Smith, Gerry Walker, Graeme Williamson, Donna Williamson, Brett Yorgey, Judy Zapparoni

Membership kits were mailed out at the beginning of the season and we thank those who have responded accordingly. Let's all get behind our young men and women and not leave it to someone else.

We need everyone to contribute so that we can cover such extras as increased player insurance cover, St John's attendance at Stradbroke Park, fully furnished medical kits, extra trainers and costs of communications. There's a level of membership to suit all of our supporters, so please contribute today. We are relying on YOU! 

See you tomorrow.

Go Xavs!

Bill Denton, OXFC President


September 1995: The seniors broke a fourteen year drought by defeating Uni Blues in the A Section GF. This was the first in the club's Straight Six premierships, a record that is unlikely to ever be broken. Xavs president Robert Ralph was ceremonially soaked in beer, though no-one dared accord coach Barry Richardson the same honour. Team Manager Ray "Razor" McLean smiles after getting his medal, while Simon Hunt, team runner and committeeman is a happy man too. Dan Richardson is pictured on the dais after receiving his medallion, with VAFA President and OXFC stalwart David Burnes behind him. (Click for bigger pics)


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Terry "Lemon" Landrigan gave us his own review of the season so far.


  • The respect shown to everyone by everyone.
  • My birthday. Great cake, cold beer and a good win.
  • No problems with the Anderson's helicopter or the Hunts' helipad.
  • The Bowen's Wagon Queen Family Truckster running a treat.
  • No guernseys lost, all hand-crafted Bowens' timber coat-hangers still intact.
  • No telegrams from the Archdiocese reinstating my life ban from football.
  • My son David leading all comers in the Club XVIII goal-kicking.
  • Andrew Leoncelli flying business class just to get that hammy right for the Crocs' second half of the year.
  • Tonza Keyhoe still getting a kick.
  • The WOX - those girls are incredible.

The BAD:

  • Going down narrowly to SKOBs.
  • My son David being king hit by a goal post.
  • Too many injuries to key senior players.


  • Getting towelled up by Uni Blues
  • Blues refusing to honour a fine tradition by not transferring their game with OX to picturesque Ransford Oval.
  • My early exit from Mayday! Mayday!



The Good:

  • Great comeback against De La Salle
  • Most of the first three quarters against SKOB
  • First quarter against SBMT
  • Ability to score quickly without reply
  • Performances of players new to team
  • Winning all four home games

The Bad:

  • Concentration lapses that have allowed opponents to score in bunches
  • Injuries and unavailability of key players at times

The Ugly:

  • v Uni Blues away
  • That bloke who  came into the rooms post-match at SKOB to instruct our coaches on the finer points of forward set-ups.

By the numbers

Record: 6W 2L

Home: 4W 0L

Road: 2W 2L

Players used: 35

Players played all 8 games: 11

Played one game: 6

New to Senior Football: James Midgley | Tom Gilbert | Matt Smith

New to Xavs Seniors: Tim Golds | Campbell Lane | Jayke Barrack | Bill Gowers

VFL Listed and OXFC Games played: Lane 6 | Gowers 1 |  Jordan Kelly 1

Seniors yet to play: Tyson Thomas | Tom Wynne | Josh Douglas

Times Names in Best: Tomi Johnston 5 | Dan Noonan 4 | Campbell Lane 4 | Nick Wynne 4

Most Goals: Matt Handley 20 | Brendan Goss 19 | Denis Symeopoulos 9 | Hayden Troiani 8

Biggest Win: 48 pts > SBMT

Biggest Loss: 74 pts < Uni Blues

Quarters: Four or more goals scored by round:                    1 - 1 - 3 - 0 - 3 - 0 - 3 - 2

Quarters: Four or more goals conceded by round:               1 - 1 - 2 - 0 - 2 - 2 - 2 - 0

Quarters: NO goals scored by round:                                     1 - 0 - 0 - 1 - 1 - 1 - 0 - 2

Quarters: NO goals conceded by round:                                1 - 0 - 1 - 1 - 0 - 0 - 0 - 0

Quarters: Seven Goals FOR/AGAINST: 3/0

Quarters: Six Goals FOR/AGAINST: 1/2

Quarters: Five Goals FOR/AGAINST: 5/1

Quarters: Four Goals FOR/AGAINST: 4/6



Hit the break with a record of 7 wins and 1 loss (to old rival Uni Blues).

Coach Murray Browne comments:


  • 7 wins from 8 games
  • Many younger players in the team doing well, especially Cullity, Morris, Smith, Amad, and Midgley

The BAD:

  • Lost to our arch enemy Uni Blues
  • Competition uneven with poor sides not pushing our blokes.
  • Injuries to key players Tickets Parker, Nick Nunan, Tommy Wynne – hopefully they return soon


  • 42 players used over 8 rounds – a big turnover – hard to get a game style going
  • Wins v OMs, Beauy & Uni Blacks – not pretty, but good to win



Coach Paddy Myers sums it up:


  • Sitting 4th at the bye round, key forwards Owen, Lane and Dickinson kicking bags
  • Coach Tom McLusky's post-game performance at the London  

The BAD:

  • Serious knee injury to young gun Alex Gazdowicz
  • A lolly shortage for team manager Kevin Halpin


  • Dropped points to SKOBs in round 1 due to unregistered player



Healy's Heroes share the top four with the Menages and the two SKOB teams.

Coach Healy reports:

The GOOD:  

  • Ability of team to rise to the occasion
  • Excellent social events
  • Ongarato getting off at the tribunal
  • The heroic team effort to catch a thief at Uni in R8

The BAD:

  • Conor O'Sullivan turning up to Stradbroke instead of Melb Uni because "the coach only plays me for home games"


  • Darrer's cracked cheekbone
  • Charlie Wilson's haircut
  • Loss to Uni
  • Belongings being stolen from Uni change rooms.
  • Harry Kelly running his enforced lap in speedos (dice game penalty) in 2 degree Celsius.


The WOX are in their first year and enjoyed a bright start. For most, it is a season of learning.

Coach Rohenna Young comments:


  • We had some good numbers turn up and train for the pre-season and that turned into 32 solid players to start the season (lucky we had so many considering the mounting injury list!)
  • The first three grading rounds were three solid wins, only being pushed by Brighton in the 3rd game – we finished the grading rounds without a goal being scored against us
  • We were graded into Premier division which was a huge effort for a team of girls that had never played footy before – all good up to this point – bad and ugly to follow from here!
  • The break through win in Premier came after a hard fought, come from behind victory, against Melbourne Uni – a well-established (21 years) women’s club with four teams.
  • Rounding off the good is three of the girls were selected in the Big V squad – Em Archer, Gabby Golds and Riley Christgoergl – super effort!

The BAD:

  • Bad is a good way to describe our game against Brunswick.  Really bad change rooms, bad scheduling meaning we had to share the change rooms with a men’s team during pre-game, bad weather with a strong wind playing havoc, bad rotations and just an ordinary display on the field – we let ourselves down in this game.
  • Several players have forgotten socks, shorts and even their boots for games – you know who you are – no pre-game superstitious routines happening here.  We are lucky that most of them are the same size – a struggle some weeks to get everyone on the field!


  • Injuries have nearly derailed our season a few times with four players with broken fingers and another four with dislocations or similar; 3 concussions; 2 ankles; broken rib, sliced off fingertip (at work – not at footy!), 3 soft tissue injuries and a burst appendix – this is in just 8 weeks!
  • Just so it is recorded – Gabby had a black eye after the Marcellin game – although it only lasted for one day, it did actually happen.

U19 Premier

Trucking along OK at this stage and looking to improve on fourth spot.

Coach Sam Shaw reports:


  • We have played 34 players for the season. Been a great spread of contributions throughout the year.
  • 25 players have received votes for the year to date.
  • Sitting at a very respectable position at 5-3.
  • Wins against Beaumaris and Old Scotch the standouts for the year. Especially the Beaumaris win, with 17 fit players in the second half.
  • Improvements from players such as Romanin-Green, O’Brien, Prowse, Becerra, Scala an enormous boost.
  • Consistent performers Mantesso, Ralph, Batten, Phillips steadied the ship against mounting injuries at the start of the year.
  • Seeing the returns of Kennedy, Dalbosco, Velkovic and Hart after long layoffs with injury was a massive reward for the group.
  • Versatility of players such as Hess, O’Loughlin, Ralph, Brennan, Williamson in their ability to play multiple roles for the team.
  • Team continues to improve each week, working towards consistent, 4 quarter performances.
  • The best is yet to come!

The BAD: 

  • Back in the box.
  • Anything within a 5km radius of the Snakepit.
  • The July European Exodus


  • Patty Phillips running the clock down for one of the ugliest wins imaginable by booting the ball out on the full onto the oval below … twice.

U19 Reserves

The Rs are sitting a game clear on top but with plenty of tough games coming up that will test their resolve.


  • Great start to the season
  • Seven wins

The BAD:

  • No match reports submitted to webmaster


  • Nothing yet



The Crocs, with 6 wins a loss and a draw, are currently second on the ladder (percentage behind Hawthorn, whom the Diles play this week). 

Coach Chizzy Nolan wraps up the first eight:


  • New recruit Al Wood dominating in the midfield
  • 200 gamer Matt Walsh, plenty of great touches despite being tagged heavily each week
  • Club record games holder David Landrigan leading the league goal kicking with 33, four in front of the pack.
  • A great mix between young and experienced and then the very, very experienced.


  • A 9:20 am start v the Stationmasters. Way too early for the Crocs. 


  • Out at Chadstone, James Smith and Andrew Leoncelli (Malaysian Airlines fame) did hamstrings within minutes of each other.


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Screen Shot 2017-05-11 at 1.32.19 pm.png

Tomorrow’s games


Upcoming Premier Section clashes

24 JUN - R10 v ST KEVIN's @ XC

1 JULY - R11 @ DLS





Here's the ladder after Round 8:

ROUND 8: De La was too good for the Ts out on the big ground at Bulleen. The Bellers are looking ominous, but the Ts appear to have dropped off the pace. Collegians handled Blues under the spires, and only some late goals from the home team made the result closer than it should have been. OMs took it right up to Kevs at the King and only a controversial umpiring decision late in the piece helped the home team survive the challenge. A mark and a goal from in front for the Kevs, though the OMs supporters screamed push. The ball went back to the centre and one of the umps pulled a red card on an OM player near the ball-up circle. Off he trudged. Then the umpires (inevitably) conferred and marched ed the ball down to the Kevs goal square for a second kick and goal. Kevs in front and there they stayed. Beauy and SBMT played out a low scoring draw with a long Sharks' shot after the siren failing to break the deadlock. Xavs had two scoring spurts, kicking all their goals in the first and third terms, but were too good for Uni Blacks, who narrowed the margin to 4 points early in the third before the good guys put the foot down.

The Predictor on the VAFA site throws up these Round 9 prognostications.

Screen Shot 2017-05-08 at 2.27.27 pm.png

And here’s what we say . . .

St Kevs @ SBMT: Kevins easily, we feel. They like the smaller grounds, and man for man, are a better team. Tiges no longer in the hunt for the finals and will be doing their best to stave off the R18 guillotine.

Beauy @ Blacks: The Sharks could only manage to split the points with SBMT last week, and travelling to Uni can be hazardous. However, they played OK there against Blues. This could go either way, but we will stay good with our prediction that Beauy is about to break through soon. (Just do it now and get it over with!)

Trins @ OMs: If either of these teams is to play in the finals, a win here is crucial. The Dark Blues have been unlucky a couple of times, but their form line is pretty good. The Ts are still a strong team but seem to have hit a roadblock in terms of improvement. OMs won't be helped at all by the suspension of power forward Al Armstrong (who was done for two weeks for umpire abuse that allowed SKOB another goal from the square). Maybe this is just the beginning for the Hedgeburners and the beginning of the end for the Dark Blues. Or maybe not. If the Ts lose this, they're toast.

Uni Blues @ De La: Right now, this seems a battle for fourth spot, but this perhaps underestimates the talent in both teams. The Bellers are winning at home, as they need to, and it will take a lot to beat them. However, of Blues are on their game, they can get it done. We are tipping a narrow win to Blues. They won here in 2011 and 2015, but lost narrowly last season. 

The game of the day for the ninth week in a row again features Old Xaverians, this time at the Trott against the league-leader Collegians. The Lions lost at Dairy Bell, against an opponent that always matches up well against them. However, they returned to form and beat Blues on the Main. 

Comparative stats in 2017:

  • Most points scored in a game: Colls 140, Xavs 121
  • Most points conceded in a game:  Colls 79, Xavs 106
  • Times conceded 120 pts in a game: Colls 0, Xavs 0
  • Top Goalkicker: Colls - Ferguson 18, Xavs - Handley 20
  • Players with multiple goals in game: Colls 11, Xavs 7
  • Most goals scored in a quarter: Colls 7, Xavs 7
  • Most goals conceded in a quarter: Colls 5, Xavs 6
  • Points scored per game: Colls 91, Xavs 80
  • Points conceded per game: Colls 57, Xavs 75
  • Players used: Colls 30, Xavs 35
  • Players played every game: Colls 11, Xavs 11
  • Home record: Colls 3/3, Xavs 4/4
  • Road record: Colls 4/5, Xavs 2/4

The stats would seem to give the Purples a five goal start. They have been freer scorers and tighter defenders. Still, man for man, Xavs are no slouches in attack or defence, and have plenty of match-winners and game-savers. 

Collegians are loaded with talent. #7 Sam Hibbins is in fine form around the packs, while #17 Courtney Hylton, #22 Viv Michie, #33 Lachlan Ferguson and #5 Kenny Ong have been their most consistent. They have some good talls in #2 Tom Penberthy, #16 Corey Cassidy and #19 Kalem Post. In defence, there's #11 Will Johnson and old friend #36 Matt Jenkinson. Overall, they have been a very settled team and came up big against SKOB at home in Round 6.

Despite the issues posed by the Trott, Xavs won here in 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2015 - four in a row - before going down in atrocious conditions in R9 last year. The Red 'n' Blacks record is better on the Trott than any other visiting club. That said, it will take an enormous effort for the Xavs to get the points tomorrow, but perhaps this is the week that the Claret and Stout slaps down the naysayers and pulls out a victory that could have enormous consequences on September's seeds.

Xavs have more to lose, with the month ahead featuring games against all of the most serious contenders - Kevs (XC), DLS (Dairy Bell) and Uni Blues (TP). Knocking over the top team will not only instil more confidence, but shore up the position on the ladder, with either De La or Blues to drop a further game back unless there is draw at the Dairy Bell. 

2016 Head-to-Head:

ROUND 9 @ Harry Trott

  • Collegians            1.0-6   2.3-15   5.5-35   7.6-48
  • Old Xaverians      1.3-9   3.3-21   3.5-23   5.6-36

A great effort from Tom Williams in the ruck, but five single goal scorers not enough to get it done. The game was played in appalling conditions, with plenty of puddles and mud all over the ground. Xavs went to the half-way point of the season 4-5.


  • Old Xaverians     3.1-19      9.7-61      10.11-71     14.14-98
  • Collegians          3.6-24     4.6-30      7.9-51       9.9-63

Tom Williams again led the way and the Warragul Wizard booted five as Xavs broke it open in the second term. Tim Dynon kicked a rare goal and Xavs kept their hopes of finals (and the double chance) alive.